The Philadelphia Eagles were one of two teams who opted not to hold a mandatory minicamp this spring, as the players and coach Nick Sirianni mutually agreed that rest should take priority over the extra practice reps (this appears to be a new theme during Sirianni’s tenure). Consequently, Wednesday’s OTA offseason workout was the last chance to see the Eagles before training camp starts in around six weeks, and there were never really any intense practice sessions. 

With that being said, perhaps the biggest storyline/takeaway from the half dozen OTA workouts over the past week or so is Jalen Hurts’ performance. Both coaches and local media members have raved about how much more improved and comfortable Hurts looks running the offense.

Of course, you should take practice stat-lines with the biggest grain of salt possible, but this is still what you would like to see out of your possible franchise quarterback with noted passing deficiencies:



He was also 10/14 with 2 touchdowns and no interceptions on Wednesday, per Shorr-Parks.

Sirianni and offensive coordinator Shane Steichen have both seized every opportunity to praise Hurts as well, citing the noticeable improvements in accuracy and decisiveness.

The ultimate question is: should we be buying the Hurts hype or ignoring it? On one hand, if Hurts was struggling, we would hear about it, especially considering the Eagles media contingency is one of the more hard-nosed groups in the NFL. The fact that media members who were quite critical of Hurts last season are speaking glowingly about him now is potentially telling. On the other hand, as previously mentioned, light OTA workouts are a very favorable setting for quarterbacks. We have also seen that excellent offseason/preseason performances from Eagles players (J.J Arcega-Whiteside) and teams (Chip Kelly’s Eagles) have often not meant much when the snaps start to count.

Certainly, Hurts is carrying a lot of positive momentum into training camp this summer, which is great to see. For now, though, I would refrain from completely buying Hurts as a substantially improved passer, at least until the pads come on.




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