The baseball season can be long and arduous.
The more success you have on the field, the more games you are going to have to play as you reach the playoffs and finals.

The free time that players have off the field between games can be very precious to them.

Baseball only has a short off-season, so players must make the most of the time they have away from the game to enjoy themselves.

What do they do when they are not playing?

Here are some answers.

Games and Entertainment on the Road

Playing ball away from home comes with a lot of downtime. Some members of the team will have promotional or media duties. For the average MLB baller, road games mean keeping yourself entertained.

The journey to another state to play needs to be contended with first. Everyone scrolls through social media, even Major League players, but this will only get you through an hour or two. Many players spend an hour or two playing on OnlineCasinos to pass the time. Netflix gets plenty of views on the team plane too. 

Players stay at the best hotels and resorts, so there will always be plenty to do there. Swimming, saunas, or even more sports are on the menu. Athletes are a competitive breed. With a bunch of them stuck in a hotel for most of a day, you can bet the table football and tennis courts get a lot of attention.

In The Off-Season

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This is a time when baseball players have lots of time on their hands. For MLB stars, the off-season runs in the winter month. Teams not involved in playoffs or finals get a bit of extra downtime. Success comes at a price. 

There will be training days and rules to follow during the off-season, but players can do what they like if they stay in a reasonable shape for next year. Vacationing is the number one pursuit. Many players take the family away for the holidays, often spending New Year on a Caribbean beach or Hawaii.

Vacations will take up a few weeks and be an opportunity to spend time with their loved ones, but players must play. Hunting and fishing are popular pursuits. Many players will get together at hunting lodges and fishing holes in the off-season, but mostly in the southern states where temperatures are milder. 

Between Games

When the season is in full swing, players are kept busy. They must make the most of the limited free time they have outside baseball and family. In between games, players are often shopping.

Players do not go grocery shopping. Competitive athletes tend to compete in extravagances. Buying and selling cars can become a part-time occupation for a lot of sports stars, and baseballers are no exception. Car shopping is a fun way to spend a day off.

Big-ticket retail therapy comes easy to multimillionaire baseball players. Playing in the property market is a safe way to invest your money. Houses and commercial businesses can be a profitable way for a player to spend their free time. 

Planning for the Future

The career of a professional sports star is short. Every player needs a plan in place if they want to maintain the standard of living they have become accustomed to.  

Star players garner star wages, and then there are image rights and sponsorship deals. There is a lot of money on the table, even for mid-tier baseballers, and it all needs to be managed and invested. Most players hire accountants and financial managers to help plan life after the Major League, but they will still have to make a lot of the decisions and put some work in.

Recovering from Injury

For any athlete, recovery is important. Sports like baseball can put a lot of repetitive strain on areas of the body, and these need time and treatment to fully recover.

Every baseball player will spend some time before and after games receiving treatment. It may be a simple massage to relieve stress and relax muscles, or it could be more intense physiotherapy. Players who have a recurring injury will usually have a treatment plan they have to stick to, which will take up some of their downtime to complete. 

One of the most common injuries in baseball, especially for pitchers, is a torn rotator cuff. This can not only be incredibly painful but will also sideline a player for up to six months or longer if surgery is needed. A rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder. 

When throwing a ball with a lot of force, these muscles and tendons can tear. Pitchers are obviously more likely to suffer this injury, but outfielders and infielders can also damage their rotator cuff when playing or in training. Recovery requires a lot of physiotherapy and pain management, and treatment will take up a lot of an injured player’s time.

Rest and Relaxation

Finally, we come to the most important and widely practiced player pastimes. Rest and Relaxation. To be fair to them, these are the top pursuits of most working people.

Professional baseballers obviously get to take this to a higher level. Resting by the full-size pool in a million-dollar mansion is a bit different from sleeping on the couch in front of the TV. The principle is the same, though. Everyone needs some rest to recover from a long, hard week of work.

Rest and relaxation are important for athletes. Their bodies are put through some extreme physical demands, and they are under a lot of pressure during a game. Taking some time away from the field to relax is recommended for both mind and body.

Playing baseball for a professional team is a dream many of us have as kids. The few of us that get to live that dream and play pro baseball work harder on and off the field than we imagine.
They deserve time away from the field to enjoy themselves and have some fun, and now you know just how they do that.

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