A Change at Tight End

Since he was drafted in 2013, Ertz has become the greatest tight end in Philadelphia Eagles history. The Eagles have relied on Ertz for years, who holds the record for most receptions by a tight end in a single season in NFL history with 116. However, the Eagles moved Ertz out west to the Arizona Cardinals before the trade deadline.

After moving on from Zach, there is an obvious choice for his replacement in Dallas Goedert. I even think Goedert has been better than Ertz the past few seasons. He just hasn’t had enough opportunities to show it, until now.

A Break Out Season?

Goedert should be in line for a tremendous season. Dallas is a natural athlete who is a big target with great hands. In addition, he is a monster with the ball in his hands, a dynamic he brings to the offense that Ertz couldn’t.

He is going to blossom now that he is the clear starter. He will benefit from having both AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith out there. Further, if the Eagles run the ball like they did last season, I could see this team wearing down opposing defenses. Not only will the run game tire out a defense, they also have to tackle big receivers like Brown and Goedert. A tired defense could lead to bigger plays for Goedert.

Another area where Goedert will shine is the red zone. Like most tight ends, he is a natural red zone threat. Opposing defenses can’t double everyone out there, meaning someone will have a mismatch. Being the athlete and target he is, we should often see 88 open in the end zone this season.

The Eagles lost their best tight end in franchise history, yet they still upgraded at the position. Goedert is poised to have a career year for the Birds in his first year as a starter. Last season he finished with 56 receptions, 830 yards, and four touchdowns. I expect these numbers to increase now that he is the full-time starter. Goedert is just one piece of what should be a dynamic Eagles offense. Now that he is tight end one, we will really see what Goedert can do.


Photo Credit: Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

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