As a new programmer, you are probably at a spot on what skill to learn. Or have you been told that one language isn’t enough? Not just that, one could also be confused about which language to focus on initially.
Which is the easiest to learn? Is there one language that can do the whole task or can work everywhere?

You are not alone in this mystery. A number of professional developers were once there. However, JavaScript is the answer to all your numerous questions. Before now, JavaScript was only limited to web browsers, but now the language has become one of the most versatile in the industry.

Interestingly, an easy path to the JavaScript destination is the Microsoft 98-382 certification exam at Certbolt that brings you the MTA: Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript certification.

For anyone still wondering why JavaScript could be one of the most important languages to learn, here are a few other reasons.

1) It is Easy to Learn

JavaScript is interestingly easy to learn compared to other types of language. JavaScript is beginner-friendly, and anyone without prior knowledge can start learning it. Since the programing language works in any browser, no special setup or software is required.

With the help of the Certbolt Microsoft Azure Security, any newbie can get started in a few months and get hands-on experience from real-life projects.

2) JavaScript Developers are Versatile

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JavaScript is a universal language when it comes to coding. Unlike other languages, once you have mastered JavaScript, the possibilities are limitless. This programming language is perfect for developing the client-side and even the server end of a website.

Also, JavaScript can be used to develop mobile, desktop, web applications, games, and even dive into machine learning and artificial intelligence. In essence, passing the 98-382 exam can birth your first certificate of Certbolt Microsoft Azure on the journey to being a full stack developer.

3) Vast Career Opportunity with Interesting Pay

Usually, in the end, it all boils down to getting a good job and nice pay. A JavaScript expert will never search for long, as the market for developers with proficiency in the language is very open. From freelancing to full-time positions to consultancy and Certbolt Windows, numerous opportunities are lying around. Mastering the language could see your work as a game developer, cyber and information security engineer, machine learning engineer, and so on.

However, these various positions are some of the most wanted in companies globally, even without a degree. According to the Ziprecruiter website, certified JavaScript developers earn from $53,000 per annum and could earn as high as $118,000 annually.

4) There are Numerous Ways to Learn

Due to how long we have had JavaScript around, there are so many developed libraries to learn from. Microsoft offers you to join a community such as Certbolt Microsoft 365 Identity, for instance, to learn from developers. You can also find a collection of videos on Microsoft Learn TV and have access to numerous communities of developers who can help you with experience on platforms like Discord and StackOverflow. Also, check the Amazon website to find books for the 98-382 exam and free videos on YouTube on how to pass this test. It is very evident that there are more basic courses, tutorials, help, and free videos for JavaScript than for other languages.

Along with learning, the certification that you will earn after passing the test is another vital factor when it comes to coding, as it testifies your proficiency in the chosen domain and can help you be hired more quickly. So, having one is always an advantage.


From learning the language for your business to helping others with the skill, there are many other reasons why you should consider JavaScript as a language. But the major thing that cannot be overemphasized is how the Certbolt Microsoft Azure DevOps can help you achieve these goals.

The fundamental benefits of the exam stretch beyond the certification. It makes you a marketable asset for the industry. In case you are still contemplating, check out the test objectives and analyze if it fits your career development needs.

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