In case you missed the Eagles news that took over the internet this morning.

The Wordmark is changing. Take a peek below.


This is… Bad. 
This is. Awful.
This. Is. Bland.

It’s just really, really, boring.


I’m not sure if I’ve seen anyone support the change. 

From @BrendenDeegNFP, @JenniferWilliams23 & @Thomasrp93.

Even 12,593 voters on our poll agreed that this logo is BAD.


There’s only one logical reason I can think about changing the logo up. And it points towards Kelly Green. 

Removing the multiple colors and details from the old symmetrical burst EAGLES logo could be to make the designs of – well – most likely everything a little bit cleaner when the new Kelly Green alternate uniforms get unveiled for the next season.

Changing the logo now could also see some more immediate changes. 

Most likely the most noticeable change to the field is going to be the end zone paint jobs.



No longer will we see the great blown out logo like we do on the right, but more likely something a little more bland like the Lions on the left. (There is both better and worse logos out there. I just feel like the Lions font is nearly identical to the new Eagles Wordmark.) However, if the Eagles are going to rock the Kelly Green for a good chunk of the future seasons. The biggest hope is that they repaint the end zone accordingly so that the uniforms and end zones will match on game days.


Sadly the off-season of Eagles wins came to an end. Luckily this is just an appearance issue and nothing more. 


The first home game is 57 days away. Perhaps we’ll have to wait until the regular season to see if the end zones do indeed get a new look.


Go Birds.


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