Anyone who lives in and around Philadelphia knows what a sports-mad city it is. This is no surprise when you consider the famous teams and sports stars, such as Wilt Chamberlain or the Flyers, who call Philly home.
Due to this, lots of residents love to keep up with the latest sporting drama. Many people in the city also love to inject more fun into games by betting on them now that gambling on sports is a legal activity in Philadelphia.

It is not just gambling on sports which is legal and becoming more popular in Philly now, though; playing fun casino games online is also something many people are starting to get into, and this is also being seen in other US states.

As a result of this demand, a lot of internet casinos have sprung up recently to give people somewhere to play these games.

But which are the most popular across the entire US?

Lounge 777

For many casino gamers, finding a no deposit bonus casino online is the holy grail. This is because this type of iGaming offer gives you free credits or cash to play with – without having to deposit any of your own money first! While there are a few very good casinos that offer this out there, Lounge 777 is arguably the best.

As a social casino online available in all 50 states, their no deposit offer gives you a huge 150,000 on-site gaming chips when you create your account. This ensures you have lots of free chips to try out all the fun games with and avoids you having to purchase any yourself.

The customer support on offer here is also very good, and it is a great site if you want a free-to-play casino experience. With a great choice of slots to try plus a wide selection of safe banking options, including cryptocurrencies, this is a top choice across the US.

BetRivers Casino4Fun

Photo: Rivers Casino

BetRivers is known across the USA for their real-money site, but this is a popular alternative that is really making waves. It still comes from the trusted BetRivers brand, but this site allows you to enjoy free-to-play casino titles instead. As this easy-to-use social casino comes from a well-established iGaming brand, you can be sure of playing here in total safety.

There are all the classics you would expect from any top online casino to try out – from blackjack to roulette and more. New games are also added regularly, so you never get bored playing on this platform. Fabulous daily bonus offers also make it simple to build up extra credits to enjoy trying out games with.

Available nationwide across the states, the free live dealer games here are also a nice touch and help bring that authentic casino experience into your home. All these features make it easy to see why this is one of the biggest internet casinos across all of North America.

b Spot Casino

This innovative real-money casino is available in much of the US and is quickly building a loyal fanbase. A safe place to have fun online, it puts great focus on cybersecurity and keeping your sensitive data secure. It is also a very well-designed casinos with a bright, breezy feel. This all makes it lots of fun to game at and adds greatly to the whole experience.

Available to enjoy on mobile and desktop devices, this casino also has plenty of fun, fair games to try. It also has a unique gaming mechanism that allows it to stand out as offering a different way to play than other sites. The customer service here is also very good, and there is a range of responsible gambling tools to make use of as well.

Most Popular Online Casinos in the USA

While pondering key sporting questions, such as which Eagles players need to improve in 2022, is cool, sometimes, you might need a break from sports in Philly. If this is the case, having fun with online casino games is a good alternative. If you plan to get involved with this leisure activity, it is key to learn about the most popular casinos online to play at.

This not only ensures you play at a legitimate casino and stay safe from scams but also means you have a real blast while playing classics such as slots over the internet.

If you need a helping hand choosing where to play, hopefully, the platforms we have listed above provide an idea of what to look for.

Featured Image: Rivers Casino
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