The Sixers currently have the #23rd overall pick in the draft this Thursday, but it is highly unlikely the Sixers actually use that pick. While the Sixers do have needs all over the roster, they will be looking to fill those roles with veteran players who are ready to win now. With Embiid in his prime and Daryl Morey making the trade with Brooklyn for James Harden, it is clear the Sixers are in win-now mode. They are striving to win the championship and don’t have time for a 19 year old to develop into a good player over the years, but instead need proven and reliable veterans.

If the Sixers had a lottery pick it could be different, as those players typically are more NBA ready and can make an immediate impact on any team. However with the 23rd pick, the players available will most likely need time to develop and we have all seen how Doc Rivers “develops” young talent. Whoever the Sixers would take with that pick would most likely spend a majority of the season in the G-league.

Looking For a Trade on Draft Night

Reports are saying the Sixers are actively trying to trade that pick for a veteran player who can help them win now, but who would that player be. The rumors state the Sixers are shopping that pick and Danny Green around to teams to see if they can get this established veteran, but who would be available in that trade? What is the 23rd pick and Danny Green (with a torn ACL) worth to teams around the league.

What the Sixers really need to find, is a rebuilding team who has a veteran they would be willing to get rid of for some more draft capital. Unfortunately after Danny Green’s ACL tear in the Miami series, he will just be getting tossed into the deal to make the salaries match.

A Few Players to Watch

Look for the Sixers to target Terrance Ross and Eric Gordon (Rockets) on draft night with this package. The Sixers bench was horrible after the James Harden trade and needs to be addressed if the Sixers want to compete for an NBA Championship. The Magic and the Rockets are two teams clearly in the middle of rebuild who would welcome more picks to get rid of a veteran on a contract.

Similar to the way the Sixers dumped all their veteran contracts during The Process years, the Rockets and Magic have both been rumored to be shopping their veterans to teams ahead of draft night. Terrance Ross and Eric Gordon would be excellent fits on the Sixers with their proven, consistent scoring off the bench over the years. The Sixers are in desperate need of a player of their caliber, who can be the teams sixth man and create for the second unit. Eric Gordon would be the best fit because of his pre-existing relationship with Daryl Morey and James Harden, but either would be a massive upgrade for the Sixers second unit.

Picking up one of these players would be the first step in what needs to be a very successful offseason by the Sixers front office, and would immediately address one of the teams biggest needs. A player like Furkan Korkmaz or a second round pick may be needed to sweeten the deal because of Green’s injury, but at the end of the day the Sixers desperately need to find a sixth man.



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