…But they don’t have to.

There’s teams around the NFL that have already proven they’ve gone all in. The Rams have broken the bank for every big name they can get their hands on. While teams like the Dolphins threw all the picks they could at acquiring their missing pieces. The Eagles could be in the same boat.

The Eagles have a load of draft capital already available. With more than enough opportunity to acquire more. There’s still some cap space to spare, $3,959,840 according to Spotrac. But it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen Howie Roseman restructure contracts mid season.

Listed below are picks the Eagles still hold up to the 2024 Draft.


  • Eagles 1st
  • Saints 1st
    (acquired when the Eagles traded 16, 19, 194 in the 2022 Draft for the Saints 18, 101, 237, as well as a 2023 1st and a 2024 2nd.)
  • Eagles 2nd
  • Eagles 3rd
  • Eagles 4th
  • Eagles 5th
  • Eagles 7th


  • Eagles 1st
  • Eagles 2nd
  • Saints 2nd
  • Eagles 3rd
  • Eagles 4th
  • Eagles 5th
  • Eagles 6th
  • Eagles 7th

The Eagles would have more than enough to spend at the deadline or before the season begins. If all things go well come the deadline and the Eagles are in a good position. By all means, spend away.

However there is several players across the Eagles roster that might not have a spot, and could easily hold value to teams looking to fill that position. With the players below, the Eagles could acquire more draft capital. Or could acquire that missing piece on the roster that could really see the Eagles competing for a Super Bowl in February. Without giving up the sweet haul of 1st round picks Howie Roseman has been able to stretch across a 3rd consecutive year.


Andre Dillard

Dillard managed to see a good chunk of snaps in the last season. However a former first round pick looking for an opportunity to start on a team with offensive line injuries come the deadline. Or perhaps a team like the Titans, who seemingly gave up most of their offence to acquire Treylon Burks, could use additional help making holes for Derrick Henry.

There is a spot for Andre Dillard on this roster, unfortunately it’s a depth piece that isn’t extremely versatile. While there is a log jam of depth at the offensive line, courtesy of Jeff Stoutland. Dillard could be the one packing his bags this season.


Jalen Reagor

Alright this one’s obvious. Jalen Reagor will forever be known as the WR that went one pick earlier than Justin Jefferson and didn’t come close to the same product. Between poor route running, awful Special Teams returns and attempting to catch game changing throws with his eyes closed?

It’s safe to say the Eagles noticed the WR depth issue. With the additions of A.J. Brown, Zach Pascal and Devon Allen. The Eagles will finally have that deep receiving core everyone always wished for.

Reports surfaced that the Eagles almost traded Reagor for Ravens Safety Chuck Clark during the draft. After trading Marquise Brown and drafting Kyle Hamilton, the Ravens should’ve pulled that trigger. Guess we’ll see.


Carson Strong / Gardner Minshew

Howie wanted a QB factory. Well, he finally got one. After dealing Carson Wentz for a 3rd and what did end up becoming a 1st round pick. Later that season, Joe Flacco was flipped to the Jets for a 6th round pick.

Now, Gardner Minshew was a serviceable Backup last year going 41/60 for 439 yards in 1 Garbage Time, 1 Meaningless Week 18 and 1 Must Win game against the Jets. Proving Minshew could still be a starting QB after MinshewMania came to an end in Jacksonville. The Eagles could easily move on from Minshew at the deadline if teams like the Falcons or Seahawks aren’t content with their QB situation, or any major injuries that could be unforeseen.

Carson Strong went undrafted. After falling off of many teams charts due to his knee injuries. Philly was lucky to be able to pick him up, but with Minshew’s starting experience, I’d be placing Strong at QB3 unless Minshew is traded. While having more value with his 22 starts. Teams could come calling for either QB if they’re desperate at the deadline




Surely there’s more pieces on the Eagles roster that could be moved, but these 3 players could be fetching the highest price or creating a discount for that big name player. Who would you like to see the Eagles trade or potentially trade for?


Go Birds.

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