Another Piece of the Puzzle

Coming into the season, there are some questions surrounding special teams—specifically the punter and return positions.

Like a baseball team needs a closer, a football team needs a kicker. Even though there are some questions, the Eagles have the kicker position locked up. Often overlooked, a kicker can keep teams in games and even win them (they also have the potential to lose games which is much less fun).

The Eagles should have an explosive offense. If they do, they will often be in plus territory, which will put Elliott in a good position. It will be necessary for the team to keep tacking on points when they cannot score touchdowns.

Elliott was a rookie during the 2017 Super Bowl season. He had a great rookie year, including the 61-yard game winner against the Giants. He also holds the record for the longest field goal by a rookie (61 yards) and the longest field goal by a rookie in a Super Bowl (46 yards).

Here’s what Elliott has posted throughout his career:

Year FGM – FGA Percentage
2017 26-31 83.9%
2018 26-31 83.9%
2019 22-26 84.6%
2020 14-19 73.7%
2021 30-33 90.9%

After a down season in 2020, Elliott rebounded for a career year. He made a career high 30 field goals and posted a career high percentage. In addition, Elliott succeeded in the 30-39 yard range, going 10-10. This will be key this season as the Eagles offense will be moving the ball. I feel this is the area of the field where drives often stall, and it is crucial for kickers to hit in this range. Nothing is more demoralizing to a team than an easy missed field goal. Another bonus from his career year was not missing an extra point, going a perfect 44-44.

I expect Elliott to have another good season. Although he probably won’t be perfect on XP’s again, and his percentage will likely decrease some, he will still put up big numbers and he will still be a big part of this team’s success.

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