The Super Bowl is an achievement for every player in the NFL; there is no doubt about that. However, getting as many Super Bowl rings as possible is hard, but getting multiple Super Bowl rings in different teams?
Now there’s a challenge! 

Shockingly, there have been many different players who have managed to achieve this.Players like this shift the NFL betting odds as we know to expect great things from them. Bettors and bookies alike know these players are talented, and if a player has many Super Bowl rings with different teams, then it’s clear… The success comes from them! We all know of one particular player who managed this, as well as many other successes, but lefts talk a little more about the Super Bowl and what the Super Bowl rings really mean.

The Super Bowl Curse

In and around football, it is not super uncommon to hear people reference the ‘Super Bowl curse.’ This is a term in reference to teams that win a Super Bowl who end up following on with a poor performance the year after and can’t win as a defending champion. We can’t say it’s a real jinx, but it’s more like football superstition. One that we can look out for this year with the Rams.That being said, there is no clear proof that even if this jinx is true, that it rolls over onto the players. As the players themselves have more than proven that they are not cursed themselves. 

Maybe it’s the team names that are cursed, or maybe it’s the manifestation of believing in the curse a little too hard, but the players have not cursed themselves, and these 5 names stand to prove it.

1) The Obvious: Tom Brady

We would be foolish not to start this list with Brady. Brady is probably our most recent example of a player winning Super Bowls with more than one team. Brady took the New England Patriots to the Super Bowl many times, and he granted them 6 Super Bowl titles in his time on the football field alone. But then, he decided to switch it up a little before he retired. He gained many Super Bowls with the Patriots, but before he retired, he decided to give the Buccaneers a Super Bowl title as well. 

Brady is living breathing proof that a Super Bowl win is more about the players than any jinx. 

However, Brady had a lot of skill, and we think that every team would have sold their left leg to get Brady for a couple of years as the Buccaneers did. He was a game-changer for that team, and even though he didn’t get a Super Bowl ring in his last year in the NFL, he still performed amazingly, as always. Brady has a total overall Super Bowl ring count of 7. Brady also gets rid of the idea that the Super Bowl curse is a thing since he gave the Patriots two Super Bowl titles in a row in the 2004 and 2005 championships.

2) Peyton Manning

Photo: AP Photo/David Zalubowski

Peyton Manning also managed to get more than one Super Bowl ring with more than one team. Peyton Manning got a ring with the Colts and with the Broncos. 

He got his Super Bowl ring with the Colts in Super Bowl XLI in 2006 against the Bears. In Super Bowl 50, 2016, he gave the Broncos a Super Bowl title against the Panthers. 

Peyton Manning is considered to be another of the NFL GOATs. Sure he is not quite Brady, but he is well known for the skill he displayed on the field. 

In fact, there is some debate around who is the better GOAT, Payton Manning or Eli Manning, as both have achieved great things for their teams in the past.

3) Rob Gronkowski 

We can’t only focus on Quarterbacks; if he did, there would be no real teams. Rob Gronkowski and Brady were like a dynamic duo. And Gronkowski has four Super Bowl rings to his name. He had three with the Patriots in Super Bowls XLIX, LI, and LIII. However, when Brady transferred over to Tampa, Gronkowski went with him, like brothers attached at the hip. This means that Gronkowski also got a Super Bowl ring with Tampa as well! These two were a team and really made the games what they were. As a tight end, he helped make Brady’s play’s so successful.

4) Shannon Sharpe 

Another tight end because it’s not all about the quarterbacks. Shannon Sharpe had 3 Super Bowl rings. He had two with the Broncos, one in 1997 (Super Bowl XXXII) and one in 1998 (Super Bowl XXXIII). This also makes Shannon Sharpe another player who proves that the Super Bowl curse is not real! He also got a Super Bowl ring with the Ravens in 2000 (Super Bowl XXXV). 

5) Jim Mandich

Jim Mandich was a tight end for the Dolphins and the Steelers.He got one Super Bowl with the Steelers in Super Bowl XIII (1978) and two with the Dolphins in Super Bowls VII and VIII (1971 and 1972).

Featured Image: AP Photo/David Zalubowski
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