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There has been a serious debate on Sixer’s Twitter as of late. What exactly is Tyrese Maxey worth? The consensus is that Sixers fans would rather have Maxey over Donovan Mitchell.

Let me tell you why I would trade Tyrese Maxey in a heartbeat for a player like Donovan Mitchell.

While Maxey is younger and hasn’t hit his ceiling, there is no timetable to gauge when that is. However, I can tell you that James Harden is way past his prime, and with Joel Embiid’s injury history, it seems like the Sixer’s window is closing faster by the day. This is why you get the deal done when a player of this caliber is on the market. The Sixers, to me, have two years left on their championship window. By then, Embiid will be 30, and Harden will be 34, with both most likely not being as dominant on the basketball court. However, Mitchell has proven that he is an elite player who not only has carried the Jazz franchise since he stepped into the league but has also performed at a very high level in the playoffs. Donovan Mitchell has averaged 28.3 points, 4.9 rebounds, and 4.7 assists in 39 games in the playoffs in his career. That 28.3 points per game are seventh all-time in playoff points per game. He is also only 25 years old.

Here is another tweet I saw that can be very misleading

When you look at this tweet, it suggests that Maxey is a way more efficient shooter than Mitchell. While this may be true, there has never been a stat to weigh what option you are in an offense. Since Mitchell’s first year in Utah, he was the number 1 option, meaning defenses were specifically strategized to stop him. Maxey is the third option on the Sixers. Defenses are preparing to stop Joel Embiid and James Harden first. If Maxey were a number option on an NBA team, his numbers would look significantly less efficient. The spacing and open looks a player like Mitchell would have if he were on the Sixers would be vast compared to when he was on the Jazz.

In conclusion, Sixers fans, I understand that Maxey is the most likable player that the Sixers have had in years, and he is like a child to some of you. Yet, it seems once again we need a reminder. The only goal is to win a championship; it’s not to wait and see if Maxey ever becomes that guy. It is to win a championship for Joel Embiid. If Maxey is the key piece in a trade to acquire a player like KD, Mitchell, and maybe eventually Lillard to Philly, it has to be done.




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