This offseason has seen some ups and downs for the Philadelphia Eagles, mainly in terms of confidence in the quarterback position. Jalen Hurts balled out in the public OTA’s, restoring the faith of many Eagles fans in their starting quarterback. However, Derrick Gunn reported that Hurts supposedly struggled in practice and that the Eagles’ front office lacked confidence in him. Training camp officially started on Tuesday, July 26. This gave analysts and fans alike an opportunity to see if Hurts has improved or not. After one day of practice, it is safe to say that Jalen Hurts has definitely improved. 

Even after going 12/15 on pass attempts, there was still negativity on those few incompletions. Hurts reportedly threw a ball behind his receiver, leading to a Marcus Epps interception. Hurts also lost grip of the ball which almost ended in another interception. As bad as that sounds, the numbers speak for themselves. This is not the same quarterback that we saw in training camp last year. Hurts is smarter, stronger, and has much better weapons around him.

On that note, to sidetrack from the Hurts conversation, Quez Watkins has been outstanding thus far. He has made some great catches and looks to be in for a big year at the WR3 position. 

Moving back into the topic of Jalen Hurts, it appears that this team is all for him. Head coach Nick Sirianni and star receiver A.J. Brown both have repped some Hurts gear in their time with the Eagles. Brown was included in a post by the Eagles wearing a “Hurts SZN” hat while squatting next to him.

(Shoutout to Lord Brunson for the hat design.)

Granted these two are best friends, this is a duo that definitely wants to play together. Brown could play a huge role in Hurts’s development throughout the year, and hopefully helping Hurts lead the Eagles to a deep playoff push. 

One day of training camp doesn’t determine if a player became elite over one offseason or not. However, noticeable signs of improvement can be seen by comparing his performance in previous years. If Hurts can keep on improving throughout the season, the Eagles could have a chance at being contenders.

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