Alec Bohm has been on an absolute tear since Bryce Harper went down with an injury on June 25 against the San Diego Padres.
Bohm’s hot bat has helped propel the Phillies to a record of 54-47.

Photo: Gene J. Puskar/AP

Since the loss of Harper, the Phillies have won 6 series, including a huge series win against the Atlanta Braves. We haven’t seen Bohm play like this since he first came up to the bigs during the 2020 pandemic season.

On June 25, Alec Bohm had a .260/.296/.355. Every single stat for Alec Bohm has improved. The Phillies’ third baseman currently leads the team in hits at 102. For the past month, Bohm has been arguably the best hitter on this team for the last month and this year. The lack of power and low walk rate is a disappointing thing to see still, but he is hitting the ball in all directions and is consistently getting on. His numbers in July are .433/.458/.597. His season stats to date are now .292/.323/.408. 

The difference between Bohm this year and last year is being able to hit the fastball.

Most of his hits have come off the fastball (72 hits), with just 31 hits coming off of breaking balls and off speed.

Which is a normal thing for young hitters to struggle with. Last season he struggled to catch up to the fastball. Because of his improvements, it is really starting to reflect on the player he will become.

Without Harper in the lineup, the Phillies had to lean on someone, and Bohm stepped up in a colossal way. This is the hitter we all thought that he would be. He is a hitting machine. His 12-game hitting streak has just come to an end, but we saw what he could do when he is hot. He has been clutch the past month, including a huge go-ahead single against the Braves. Bohm is the kind of hitter who will make a real difference down the stretch. 

The next 9 series in August are going to favor Bohm. He has hit well this year against Atlanta as well as the Marlins. 

Bohm ranks 5th among third basemen on average this year. This is a huge step after his awful season in 2021.
His defense has improved as the year has gone on and should only get better in years to come. If Bohm continues to stay on this track, he will be a star for years for the Phillies.

Featured Image: Gene J. Puskar/AP
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