Brandon Marsh was acquired this past week in the 2022 MLB trade deadline. The Phillies acquired him from the Los Angeles Angels for catching prospect Logan O’Hoppe. Marsh was a high-profile prospect in the MLB pipeline In 2020 coming in at #43 and #38 right before he was called up in 2021.

Marsh has always been an excellent center fielder, even when making his way through the minors, and so far up at the majors. He only has 8 stolen bases this season, which is low with his speed. The Phillies should try to let him swipe a few bags since he is in the 92 percentile in spring speed. Marsh still has a high strike out percentage at 36% and low barrel percentage, but with time working with Kevin Long, you should truly believe he will be down to 23%-26% in strikeout percentage and a much higher barrel percentage. The effect of having Kevin Long as your hitting coach should help him improve a lot as a hitter. Kevin Long has helped a lot of young hitters find their stride and help them become a high quality bat.

Marsh has the potential to be a great hitter, his minor league stats show for themselves. Most of his hard hit balls have come in down the middle and lower half of the strike zone. Struggles hitting the pitches that are up at the top of the zone. As he continues to develop his bat and becomes a better center fielder, he will be a key part in the Phillies Future!

Everyone knows that the new Phillies center fielder is nearly elite in the field and the best center fielder the PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES have had since, Shane Victorino. Marsh defensively is going to be a huge improvement of who has been sent out there so far. Matt Vierling was a solid serviceable center fielder who you felt confident would make most of the plays out there. Odubel Herrera who was recently released from the team might have been the worst center fielder this team has had. He would be hot for a 3 game stretch and cold for months.

Marsh is under contract for the next 5 seasons and will be a key component for the Phillies teams for years to come. The Phillies have a great young core of players up at the major league level right now, as the continue to grow and becoming better major league talent. Just think, the Phillies will have Alec Bohm, Bryson Stott, Nick Maton, and other young talent up all hitting their prime at the same time. Does this remind you of a group that came up at the same time? The answer is yes, the 2008 World Series championship team had some of their key players come up at the same time and all hit their primes at the same time. Marsh is the answer to the Phillies outfield after years of not having a real one.


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