Amazon’s Firestick brings access to almost anything you can think of, and live sports are no exception.
Whether you are a fan of the NBA, MLB, Formula 1, or EPL, a little research will give you all the answers you need.

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The best news is Amazon’s Firestick, and all the apps for your favorite sports will cost less overall than a TV package. It makes no difference if you are after one sport or more leagues. Plus, TV channels will mostly focus on one league in particular.

The world’s largest sports channels have jumped on the trend and have also released their own applications for Firestick. Most of them are premium, but a bit of research can also give you some free results. It’s also worth mentioning that almost all major leagues are planning to start streaming. For example, Apple is working with MLS to stream games beginning in 2023.

Watching Live Sports on Amazon’s Firestick

Just like for anything else, you would rather find free channels than pay to watch your favorite leagues. Some apps are official and available everywhere, while others – more or less legal – must be downloaded from third-party sources.

Some of them can be harmful, hence Amazon’s default setting to prevent installations from third parties. You can still enable this feature, but you need to ensure you download from reliable and trustworthy sources,

All in all, whether you get an official app or one from a third-party source, here are some good choices.


Kodi is a solid media center – easy to use and among the most popular options for live sports fans. The app itself does not actually stand out, but the add-ons associated with it make it unique – you can find an add-on for any league, any game, and pretty much any type of content.

Add-ons are made by third parties and provide access to lots of free stuff. They face all sorts of challenges, so some of them are shut after a while – before coming up again under a different name. Since add-ons come through the app, there are no risks of viruses or trojans.

In other words, Kodi clears out the risks of installing third-party apps by using add-ons instead. If you don’t want to use Kodi, you should be pleased to know that there are high-quality Kodi alternatives for Firestick that you can choose from.

Live NetTV

Live NetTV is another popular app for those who want to watch live sports. Believe it or not, it has more than 800 live channels in its library – more categories, not just sports. You can also watch entertainment, movies or perhaps the latest news.

When it comes to sports, a few searches will help you find the league or event you are after – from tennis and motor racing to fighting sports and football. There are over 150 live sports channels out there, so finding the right one is fairly simple.

Keep in mind that Live NetTV is limited to a bunch of countries only, including the USA, Canada, and Spain.

Lepto Sports

This is a modern and reinvented app – Vola Sports, which used to be a front runner in this field. Lepto Sports is quite similar, but it has numerous upgrades and a bunch of extra features. It covers soccer, basketball, and cricket.

The variety may not be impressive, but if you are in these three sports, chances are you will find most of the events you are after. All the content is available in HD quality, so there are no issues with the quality standards.

Moreover, the streaming experience has no ads.

Other good apps to consider include:

  • ESPN+
  • YouTube TV
  • fuboTV

Bottom Line

Amazon’s Firestick makes it super simple to watch live sports because it has an impressive variety of apps to choose from. Instead of paying for an expensive package to watch a limited amount of events, you can choose from a bunch of both free and premium apps and enjoy any event you want. In addition, the age of traditional cable TV is coming to an end.

You can watch live sports without cable with just the press of a button.

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