Previously, I wrote an article about Fletcher Cox passing the torch to Jordan Davis. 

Now, also in the line’s interior, but this time on the offensive side – we have Jason Kelce passing the torch to Cam Jurgens. Although Jurgens won’t get much playing time this year, he showed flashes in his first pre-season action and even looked like a baby Kelce at times.


There are some eerie similarities between the two players on and off the field. For one, they both played high school and college football in their respective states. Kelce, from Cleveland Heights, Ohio, decided to stay in state and attend the University of Cincinnati. Jurgens, from Beatrice, Nebraska, also stayed in state and played at the University of Nebraska.

Furthermore, both players did not start as offensive linemen. Kelce started his college career as a full-back and running-back before redshirting his first season and then switching to guard. He would switch to center his senior year. In the case of Cam Jurgens, he began his college career as a tight end, but a foot injury forced him to redshirt. The following season Jurgens switched to center and won the starting job as a redshirt freshman. Pretty crazy how similar their college careers began.

Then there is the size comparison. Both players are considered “under-sized” for the position, but neither play like it. Kelce is listed at 6 foot 3 inches and 295 pounds. His protege comes in at 6 foot 3 inches and 303 pounds. Kelce was a huge reason the Eagles selected Jurgens; you can see why he was so high on the player. At the moment, Jurgens is looking like a Jason Kelce clone.

Passing of the Torch

Kelce has been contemplating retirement the last few off-seasons, which has made the backup center position an important one for the Eagles. Who knows if this will be Kelce’s last year, but if it is, they have a suitable replacement who gets to learn from the All-Pro for a year. Also, with Kelce out until the season opener, Jurgens will get plenty of first-team reps in practice and pre-season. He may even see the field week one if Kelce is not ready to play. However, with a 122-game streak on the line, I assume the future Hall of Famer will be ready to go week one.

This may be Kelce’s last season, but the Eagles and their fans should feel confident about the center situation. Jurgens looked ready to slide into that starting center spot in his first pre-season action. Nobody does offensive line breakdowns quite like Brain Baldinger, check out what he had to say about Jurgens debut, here.

Cox and Kelce, two franchise icons, have their Eagles careers winding down. Good thing Howie was able to draft a perfect replacement for each position. We should hope that Jurgens has what it takes to carry the torch and be the center of the future in Philadelphia.  


Photo Credit: Colleen Claggett/Philly Voice

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