The Philadelphia Eagles traded wide receiver-converted-tight end J.J Arcega-Whiteside to the Seattle Seahawks on Monday. After being essentially invisible in training camp and the first preseason game following a last-ditch effort to find a role for him via position change, JJAW frankly had no chance of even making the practice squad this season, let alone the final roster.

JJAW’s name is a household one in Philadelphia, but for all the wrong reasons. Coming out of college, the 2019 second-round pick out of Stanford was supposed to be an aggressive, physically-imposing red zone threat and jump ball receiver. Whiteside was not someone who was really on my radar for the Eagles during the 2019 Draft, but I liked what he theoretically brought to the table for their offense, so I was not completely opposed to the pick at the time. Oops. JJAW was an unmitigated disaster in Philadelphia, finishing with just 16 catches for 290 yards and one touchdown in three seasons. He is perhaps most well-remembered for dropping a potential game-winning touchdown in the Eagles’ Week 3 game against the Lions during his rookie season, but really, he just was not a good player in any way. To make matters worse, as you likely all know, another physically-imposing, big-bodied receiver was taken seven picks later by, ironically, the Seahawks. That player is DK Metcalf, who has 216 catches for 3170 yards and 29 touchdowns so far in three seasons. He’s pretty good, in case you are unaware. The Eagles supposedly did not have Metcalf on their draft board because they were worried about his neck. Metcalf has yet to miss a game in his career. Again, oops.

The Eagles have hopefully rebounded in their efforts to add receiver talent through the draft. After consecutive disastrous picks in Whiteside and Jalen Reagor in 2019 and 2020, respectively, the Eagles’ 2021 selection of DeVonta Smith and 2022 trade of their first round pick for A.J. Brown have both shown positive early results. This most recent trade of Whiteside in exchange for backup defensive back Ugo Amadi is a reminder of darker times, and while he was a good guy who tried to help the team in any way he could, you just can’t help but say good riddance to the J.J. Arcega-Whiteside era.


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