Did you know that the Sixers were the team that attempted the least field goals last year? Or that Tyrese Maxey ran the most miles per game in the post-season ? Stats have redefined the game of basketball in the last decade, but by using these impartial and helpful tools, what stood out last year for the Sixers? We are nine weeks away from the Sixers’ season opener in Boston, so before the schedule of the 2022-2023 campaign is revealed later today, here are nine quick stats that should have an importance for Philly next year.


In last year’s playoffs, Harden-Maxey-Harris-Embiid was the best 4-man combination in the league by the plus-minus. Proof of how complementary and strong this team is. With all the Durant rumors, the debate was whether or not the Sixers should be willing to part ways with Harris and Maxey in a trade. While my answer would be yes, it’s important to recognize that this core is extremely proficient and clicked immediately. With the progression of Maxey and Harden settling better in his new role, this team could be great enough to win a title!


Last year, James Harden ranked second in the league in assists points created with 25.2 points generated via his assists and he was fourth in points-per-play in isolation situations. It shows that despite a year of presumed decline, Harden still had an elite impact as an offensive player. Post Harden trade, the Sixers also improved their offensive rating from 111.0 to 117.8, highlighting the immediate and igniting impact Harden had on the team’s offense.


Across all playoffs teams, the Philadelphia 76ers ended last in bench scoring per game, with only 19.2 points being scored by the substitutes.


To overcome this problem, Daryl Morey and the front office were very active this past free-agency. The new acquisitions of P.J. Tucker (41% on catch & shoot threes), De’anthony Melton (40.6%) and Danuel House Jr. (39.2%) will constitute the 2nd, 3rd and 5th best catch and shoot guys of our team. They will revamp the spacing around Embiid and Harden, allowing the tandem to abuse even more of their Pick and Roll connection that harvested an excellent 1.13 points-per-play last year.


Last year, the Sixers were last in the league in offensive rebound percentage. This time again, P.J. Tucker should help catapult those numbers up as he was 14th league-wide in that category during the playoffs. His toughness and constant efforts will be an invaluable addition for Philly next year.


Now defensively, the Sixers were the third worst team in transition, allowing the opponent to score 15 points per game on fast-break. This bad trend needs to be addressed as it was already a problem the year prior and it could be the thing that decides of the Sixers’ success later on.


With Melton and Thybulle alone, the Sixers would be the only team with Atlanta to have two players ranked higher than the 95th percentile in steal percentage last season. But it gets even better when you know that the leader of that category was… Paul Reed!


Talking about the 58th pick of the 2020 draft, Paul Reed’s playing time went up by 48% during the 2022 playoffs. No other player in the league saw his playing time explode like that. It shows how incomprehensible and stubborn Doc Rivers’s choice to play Deandre Jordan over Reed in regular season was. Perhaps had he given more responsibilities and trust to the young center earlier, the season would’ve ended differently for the Sixers as Reed still had a positive +1.66 net rating as Embiid’s back-up in the playoffs.


The last one is to balance with the previous Doc Rivers criticism, as the coach’s play-callings during timeouts have been successful last year. The Sixers had the fifth best ranking in points-per-play out of timeouts with 1.14 points. If we look at how much an offense is more proficient after a timeout than in normal situation, the Sixers still rank in the top 7 in that category. So well done, Doc!

Enough numbers for today! If you liked this format and use of stats, tell us and we’ll keep you updated with more of those. If you have any question, hit us up and I’ll be thrilled to try to answer it!


All stats used here come from nba.com, basketball-reference.com, pbpstats.com and dunksandthrees.com


photo : no author found/found on section215.com

Sixers bench photo : Colleen Claggett/ PhillyVoice

Paul Reed photo : no author found/found on basketusa.com

P.J. Tucker photo : no author found/found on basket-info.com

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