The Phillies offense for the past 10 games, with an exception to August 16th against the Cincinnati Reds and yesterday game against the New York Mets have not been all that good offensively. They have gotten people on base, problem is they never get them in or as much as they should with the amount that have been on. Since August 12, the first game against the Mets in New York and until yesterday August 22, the Philadelphia Phillies have left a total of 89 people on base. While just going 23 for 97 with runners in scoring position. This is a average of just .237 with runners in scoring position.

If the Phillies put up numbers like they have been offensively they might not make the playoffs or go that far in the postseason. The pitching for this team has not been the best but they are for the main part keeping them in winnable situations like the 1-0 loss to the Reds on August 17. The Phillies were 0/4 with runners in scoring position for the game and leaving 6 people on base.

The Phillies have had players continue to produce without driving players in like Nick Castellanos. Castellanos is currently on a 11 game hitting streak. During this span he is hitting over .309 with a OPS of over .850. In his last 15 games he is 17/55 with a .309/.356/.418 with one homer and 3 walks. Castellanos looks to be driving the ball better, his timing looks like it is coming back, and his exit velo is up. If he comes back to being the Castellanos that everyone knows expect the offensive struggles for the whole team to slow down. Hitting is contagious and with the way he is swinging it might rub off on to other players.

Will this team heat up soon? The next 19 Phillies games are against teams with a losing record. The Phillies are also getting Bryce Harper back next Monday after his rehab starts with the Phillies minor league team, the Lehigh Valley Ironpigs. Bryce Harper has not played a game since his injury onThis should hopefully spark the Phillies offense for the end of the year and possibly propel them into the playoffs for the first time since 2011.

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