Though we didn’t get to see any starters in week two of the preseason, the Eagles’ week two win over the Browns still showed us a lot about the makeup of the team. From the backup runningback spots to wide receiver depth, we got a few more answers on who is increasing their value to the team and who might be on their way out.

Let’s look at who helped and hurt their chances to make the Eagles’ roster as the team gets ready to cut down to 53 players over the next couple weeks.


Stock Up: Boston Scott

The first drive of the game was essentially a showcase for Boston Scott. With Miles Sanders down with injury and reportedly practicing with the second team, the team’s top runningback spot looks to be up for grabs. While Boston Scott might not be a three-down back in the NFL, he certainly can be an important piece who can run and catch out of the backfield.

Scott’s week two performance ended with 10 rushes for 33 yards and a touchdown and had a couple impressive strong runs including a fourth-down run where he powered his way forward for a first down. After taking a backseat for most of last year, it looks like Scott will have a bigger role on the 2022 Eagles.


Stock Down: Carson Strong

Strong hasn’ t gotten much of a chance to play at all in preseason as the team has given much of the third-team reps to Reid Sinnett. Overall, it just looks like Sinnett has a better arm which he showed on a 55-yard bomb to Devon Allen for a touchdown. Strong was reduced to just the final drive to hand off the ball and kneel out the clock.

It looks like it is all but sealed that Sinnett will be the third quarterback.


Stock Up: Kenny Gainwell

After Boston Scott showed out on the first drive, Kenny Gainwell followed up with an impressive drive of his own. Gainwell posted 46 yards on 11 carries and a touchdown and had a couple impressive runs including a 3rd and 13 burst for a first down. Gainwell runs with a lot of juice and could certainly end up being the Eagles’ go-to guy in the backfield with his speed and power.

After Nick Sirianni reportedly chewed out Gainwell at practice on Friday, the second-year runningback gave a solid performance. When asked about Gainwell after the game, Sirianni said, “I looked at when I yelled at him on Friday, and really, I said after he scored his touchdown and came out, I go, you know — I just said to him, I go, ‘I love you man,’ and he said the same thing back. I said, ‘You know on Friday was maybe the first time I’ve yelled at you in two years.’”

Even iff Miles Sanders proves to be unable to stay healthy, a duo of Scott and Gainwell still looks to be a solid duo behind one of the league’s best offensive lines.


Stock Down: Second String Front Seven

For much of the first couple drives, the Eagles front seven was unable to contain the Browns’ offense as Josh Dobbs and D’Ernest Johnson ripped off a couple big runs. The pass rush was almost invisble as Dobbs was able to sit back and escape for 4 runs for 47 yards where the Eagles took bad routes to the ball and missed tackles.

Though it is the second team, a lot of those guys on the defensive line will be rotating in during teh regular season and will need to show more in stopping the run and containing mobile quarterbacks.


Stock Up: Deon Cain

Deon Cain came out of nowhere to throw his name into the ring at wide receiver as he put up five catches for 66 yards including a ‘climb the ladder’ first down grab for 24 yards.

With Jalen Reagor unable to show much through the first two preseason games, the competition for the fifth wide-receiver could go in many directions and Dion Cain, a rookie out of Clemson, could certainly be that guy.


Stock Down: Britain Covey

After Devon Allen broke away for a 55-yard bomb, it looks like Allen is back ahead of Covey as a potential depth wide receiver and return specialist. Though Allen is no lock to make it either, Covey has not shown much after racking in just one catch on four targets for five yards and a kick return for 22 yards.


Stock Up: Second String Offensive Line

Along with Gainwell and Scott, the stars of the Eagles’ week two win were the Eagles’ second team offensive line who dominated up front. The five-man unit of Andre Dillard, Sua Opeta, Cam Jurgens, Le’Raven Clark, and Jack Driscoll pushed around the Brown’s second string offensive line with Dillard and Jurgens shining in both run and pass protection.

Jurgens, especially, looked very good at center as a potential Jason Kecle successor. Jurgens showed off his power and ability to get downfield to make second-level blocks, something Kelce has become known for.

Featured Image: Tim Hawk/NJ Advanced Media
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