For the 2021-2022 season, Joel Embiid was the 6th slowest player in the NBA(James Harden was the slowest). Embiid has been on a steady decline slower since his rookie season. Compared to Embiid’s rookie season Joel was 11% slower on average last year. All of this is terrific news.

Other than Embiid and Harden, the slowest players in the league also included Lebron James(2nd), Chris Paul(3rd), and Kevin Durant(7th). While this group seems ancient, it’s also comprised of some of the most elite players in today’s game.

Earlier in his career, Joel was known to play out of control at times, regularly diving full force into the stands to save a deflection or errant pass. Who can forget when Embiid almost ended Regina King’s acting career one night in Madison Square Garden.

In the last two seasons, Embiid has realized he is always the most skilled player on the floor and that playing within himself allows him to dominate.

Missing games in 4 of the last 5 playoffs, Joel needs to figure out a way to make it to the playoffs as healthy as possible to give the team a chance. Embiid is the greatest Sixer I have ever seen play. His injury history in the playoffs continues to keep many of us wondering what could have been as soon as the offseason rolls around.

Joel should be fined whenever he dives for a loose ball or goes into the stands. Likewise, any teammate that doesn’t while Joel is on the floor should be fined when they don’t try to make the hustle plays. The Sixer’s only chance at winning a championship is getting Embiid to the playoffs as healthy as possible. Nothing else really matters.


Photo: Brad Penner/US Today Sports

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