The Eagles wrapped up their preseason in ugly fashion, losing to the Dolphins 48-10. To be fair, the Dolphins starters were going against the Eagles 3rd stringers, so it wasn’t a surprise when Tyreek Hill burned our defense twice in a row. It was not the way some of the Eagles roster bubble players would’ve liked to preform, so lets take a look at a couple players who might surprisingly be cut.

First we have K’Von Wallace. The former fourth round pick looks like he never developed at all since coming into the NFL. Wallace looked lost out there, getting completely dusted by Hill on the first play of the game. While it is true that Tyreek Hill is fast and an elite receiver, it is alarming that K’Von looked so bad against him because if he has to play in the regular season, it will be against that type of talent. “I gave myself a 5 yard head start and he still got by me” said Wallace after last nights game. This is unacceptable, mainly because Wallace goes against elite speed everyday, practicing against Quez Watkins and Devon Allen. A lot of us Eagles fans thought we got him for a steal in the fourth round a couple years ago, but now it would be better for us to move on and let him start fresh somewhere else.

Next we have Davion Taylor. Taylor looks like he regressed terribly coming off of last year. Last year, he played in 9 games and he said he was starting to better understand football. If anyone spent any time at all watching him this preseason, that clearly wasn’t true. He constantly falls for play action. Taylor also looks scared to tackle this year, with several plays going for 25+ yards on the Eagles defense just because he wouldn’t hit anyone. He has been getting crushed by lineman, and it just looks like he wont be able to compete, especially with the talent the Eagles have at linebacker.

Howie has had a great off season so far. It will be interesting to see if he decides to do whats best for the team, and let go of the “we need to keep them because we drafted them somewhat high” mindset. It would be better for these guys to be cut and start fresh somewhere else.


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