This Phillies offense is similar to the 2008 Phillies lineup that won the World Series. Stats are one thing but the feeling you get of seeing this lineup eight deep with Jean Segura hitting eighth in the batting order is not something that you see often. The Phillies have not seen a lineup this good since 2008. With the return of Bryce Harper back, this makes this lineup is incredibly potent and hopefully back to red October.

Kyle Schwarber was acquired this year in free agency and has come up big, at bat after at bat. He has been a hot bat when it comes to hitting for power, leading the team with 35 bombs this year. As well as producing 95 hits with 73 RBI’s so far this season, while being first in the National League in homers. The average is not there when it comes to Schwarber but he is a leader of the ball club, although slashing just .213/.313/.493. He is a strong leadoff man who sees a lot of pitches. Pat Burrell was the left fielder for the club back in 08′. He was a very patient hitter, was not big for hitting for average, and was not a great left fielder but was serviceable. Burrell had 33 home runs, 86 RBI’s and 134 hits in 157 games excluding the postseason. Burrell stat line was .250/.367/.507. Burrell and Schwarber are very similar players when you look at it, Pat and Kyle are both very patient hitters, don’t have good speed, don’t hit for average. The difference is the power from Schwarber he will hit more home runs. By the end of the season Schwarber will have similar RBI production with 34 games remaining on the schedule.

Brandon Marsh was acquired in a trade with the Los Angelas Angels for catching prospect Logan O’Hoppe. Marsh is an elite center fielder with a great arm and great range. Marsh is the best center fielder the Phillies have had since Shane Victorino, as well as being a better center fielder than Victorino ever was. Marsh will mainly be batting last in the lineup due to depth of this current Phillies lineup and being a below average hitter. Victorino is a better hitter than Marsh, but both have great speed on the bases. Shane was a productive hitter hitting in the middle or top of the order when he played. The big difference between the two is production at the plate where The Flyin’ Hawaiian hit .293/.352/.447 while Brandon Marsh is currently hitting with the Phillies .250/.294/.313 but on the year .226/.282/.345.

Nick Castellanos this year is producing lower than last year which was a career season in Cincinnati. He is heating up in August raising his season stats to .268/.309/.397. Power numbers are still not there yet, but is having more hard hit balls than earlier in the season. Castellanos has 131 hits, 27 doubles, and 60 RBI’s so far during this season. Nick has been playing right field since Bryce Harper injured his elbow making a throw in the outfield. Harper was later told he had a UCL tear. Nick would have been the DH for the year since he is a below average outfielder, with below average speed for an outfielder. Jason Werth hit .273/.363/.498 during the 08′ season. He was a solid outfielder who gave it his all and was one of many fan favorites. Ultimately, Werth is a better outfielder than Castellanos will ever be, but Castellanos is a better hitter in the long run.

Bryce Harper just returned from a broken thumb injury which set him aside for 52 games. Harper is the most vital part in the Phillies success down the line. He brings a Chase Utley kind of approach to the game with his average, hard work ethic, and hustle, which Phillies fans love. As well as bringing Howard power hitting capabilities and carrying the team on his back for a run. Bryce so far this season even after missing 41 games due to the broken thumb is .317/.382/.587 with 80 hits, 21 doubles, 15 home runs, and 50 RBI’s in just 67 games. Bryce is on the same level, if not a higher level hitting wise than Ryan Howard and Chase Utley ever were.

Carlos Ruiz only had a .219 average with a .320 on base percentage during the 2008 season. Ruiz also had just a 24% caught stealing percentage. While J.T. Realmuto has currently  .272 average with a .340 on base percentage, while playing amazing defense, throwing out 39 percent of runners. Cleary, J.T. is better and is more of a threat at the plate than Ruiz, as well as being a better defensive catcher which is a vital part to the Phillies success defensively.




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