The Batmans

Last week, Slay introduced us to the three Batmans of the Eagles offense. In the past duos have had a Batman and a Robin, but Slay thinks otherwise for this Eagles receiving core, saying:  

     “You know y’all can see him with the dark visor, swole, and you know he just look like a swole Batman. DeVonta is a skinny Batman. Quez is a fast Batman. So we got three Batmans on the team. One swole. One Skinny. One fast.”

Skinny Batman

Each week any of these receivers can change the game. In week one, we saw AJ Brown dominate the Lions secondary. In week two, Hurts connected with Watkins for a deep touchdown. Now, in week three, it was Smith’s turn.

DeVonta Smith had a monster game for the Eagles against the Commanders. Smith finished with 8 receptions for 169 yards and a touchdown.

Smith hauled in three unreal catches in the second quarter, each play igniting the Eagles offense. The first of the three was a beautiful over the shoulder grab, in which Hurts threw a perfect deep ball. We saw how elite Smith’s footwork is many times last season and we saw it again on this play. Just watch as he tracks this ball and is able to stay in bounds.


The second reception was probably the best catch he made all game. With time winding down in the second quarter Hurts heaved up a hopeful deep ball into two defenders. Intended for Smith, he climbed up over both defenders making sure that ball was his.


The previous catch set up the final play of the half. After failing to score on third and goal, the Eagles offense quickly lined up. I loved the aggressive play call from Sirianni, especially with the team getting the ball to start the second half. On this play, Smith once again rose over a defender and took the ball away. If there is a poster dunk on the football field, this was it.


After the game, Smith touched on his mindset, saying, “My ball or nobody’s.” Cleary, he means this, as his performance showed the type of coaches he is able to make.  

The three Batmans have the potential to be the best receiving core in the National Football League. The Eagles receivers have made a major difference early in this season. But in Washington, it was Smith who made his presence felt. He made plays all over the field and look for him to only improve as the year goes on.


Photo Credit: Monica Herndon/Philadelphia Inquirer – Staff Photographer


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