And then there was one.
As we head into the Week 5 of the 2022 NFL season, the Philadelphia Eagles find themselves as the only undefeated team of the league.

Eagles Alternate Jersey Bobblehehad Collection
Photo: FOCO

With the addition of players like AJ Brown and James Bradberry, both sides of the ball for the birds have been much improved. Perhaps the biggest reason they have been so dominant over the first chunk of the season is from the elevated play of quarterback Jalen Hurts. If Hurts continues to play this way throughout the season, Philly will likely emerge as the favorite from the NFC to represent the conference in this year’s Super Bowl. 

Later this season, the Eagles will wear an alternate black uniform with black helmets. To honor these clean unis, FOCO released a collection of Philadelphia Eagles Alternate Jersey Bobbleheads featuring Jalen Hurts, Devonta Smith, and AJ Brown.

Each player is in an action pose as they stand atop a thematic black uniform base.

The black helmets are next to each player, with their names displayed in front. 

What makes FOCO’s bobbleheads so collectible is their limited quantity and hand-crafted design, so no two are exactly the same.

These bobbles will be limited to 323 units, retail for $70, and stand 8in tall, making them the perfect fit for any collection.

Perhaps the three biggest stars on the offensive side are represented in this collection, so don’t wait to get one (or all if you’re like me) of the Philadelphia Eagles Alternate Jersey Bobbleheads now! 

Featured Image: FOCO
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