The Philadelphia Eagles (5-0) really did the thing again against the Arizona Cardinals (2-3). In a continuance of their revenge tour of former Eagles, the team proves time and time again how they’re managing to go out and win against teams. Though a scrappy win – honestly, a win’s a win. When you have teammates down and terrible turf to deal with, you need to get creative.

The team had some good, some bad and some surprises from this weekend’s win.

Takeaways & turnovers

We can credit Howie Roseman for going out and getting Haason Reddick and James Bradberry for being a one-two punch to opposing offenses and causing takeaways. That’s something we’ve seen from both players a lot this season and some yesterday. Against Kyler Murray and the Cardinals yesterday, the Eagles’ defense caused four punts and one interception. For an explosive offense spearheaded by a great quarterback, this is just what the Eagles needed to keep the ball in their offense’s hands.

Just being fast

The Philadelphia Eagles are good at being fast, and they need to continue utilizing this fast talent that they have. They didn’t use A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith as much as they could have, but having Miles Sanders and Quez Watkins having touches in that game felt really good considering their speed and route running. An issue with speed, however, lies in the punt returner. Might it be time to give Devon Allen a call?

Playmaking with depleted trenches

The offensive line was practically depleted on Sunday, yet the Eagles still pulled through. The team came into the game missing a few offensive linemen with others being shaky. Throughout the game, things only got worse in the trenches. However, in those moments, the Eagles managed to find a way to win. Jalen Hurts went down a few times, but he still managed to make a few explosive plays to keep the chains moving.

Bonus: Philly fans know how to travel

Thanks to Philly Sports Trips, over a thousand Eagles fans made the hike out to Glendale to make this weekend’s game a home-away-from-home game. This is only one of many major trips the crew made and they made their voices heard on Sunday.



Injuries have slowly crept up on the team in the past few weeks, and though they haven’t made a huge impact, the impact is still being felt. Jordan Mailata being out, Jason Kelce going down and even Darius Slay with a lingering issue is enough to make the Eagles worried. Luckily, it seems like these guys are pretty much okay. This will be perfect timing as we gear up for Dallas week.

Going easy after going up

When you go up 14-0, you need to continue applying that heat. The last thing you do is let the game get to 17-17 in the fourth quarter. Granted, there are factors that came in to play to allow this to happen, but the Eagles also almost gave the game away in Week 1 versus the Lions. It seems like those same issues that happened in that game popped back up in this game. The Eagles need to start, continue and end hot.

Getting read like a book

The Eagles yesterday really got exposed in some areas even if they came back to win the game. Offensively, if you keep throwing screens, the opposing defense is going to catch on to it and make it a lot harder for the offense to do anything. If you open the offense up, then you allow for more of those explosive plays that will get the opposing defenses frazzled, much like what happened with the Jaguars. Defensively, there were holes this week, which was another issue from last week, but a lot of the defensive issues lied in little tackling.

Bonus: State Farm Stadium’s turf sucks

No, seriously, what is wrong with State Farm Stadium’s turf? Early in the game, Jalen Hurts slid and it looked like some of the turf came up. Players have also been getting injured all game long. Something really seems wrong with the turf.


Credit: Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

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