With the end of summer comes October and the start of the NHL season.
What ended up being a disappointing 2021-2022 season saw the Flyers finish last in the Metropolitan division.

Gritty Philadelphia Flyers Halloween Bobblehead
Photo: FOCO

The new season will likely be a rebuilding year for the Flyers, so it’s important to manage expectations. Long-time NHL coach John Tortorella will inherit the team and see if he can turn the team around sooner rather than later.

If the Flyers are going to have any success this season, then their power play must improve from its last-place finish from last season. 

October not only brings NHL hockey but also Halloween of course.

FOCO just released a Halloween Bobblehead Collection of mascots across various sports leagues, including Gritty.

The bobble features Gritty in an action pose, standing atop a stage-themed base. Gritty wears a mask, holds a rose, and has a cape attached. For classic horror fans, they will instantly recognize that his costume is a reference to “The Phantom of The Opera.” On the front of the stage, in black letters, Gritty’s name is displayed.

The bobblehead is limited to 222 units, retails for $65, and stands 8in tall. Unlike most FOCO bobblehead releases, this collection is launched in stock and ready to ship immediately! Each one is hand-painted and handcrafted, so no two are exactly the same.

With this being a unique mascot bobblehead, it will sell out quickly, so head over to FOCO and purchase your Gritty Philadelphia Flyers Halloween Bobblehead now! 

Featured Image: FOCO
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