Hot take: The Eagles season is going pretty well. I thought the Eagles had a chance to be one of the better teams in the NFC given their numerous offseason acquisitions and the seemingly weak conference, but if you told me they would be 6-0 at the bye week I would not have believed you. The Eagles are a complete team that is probably not even playing to the best of their abilities right now, and that is a scary thing for the rest of the league.Additionally, their remaining schedule looks very favorable, at least over the next few weeks. The Eagles currently have a 63% chance at earning the top seed in the NFC, which is just outrageous considering we are in mid-October. Let’s take a look game-by-game at how I could see the Eagles finishing the regular season.


Week 8: Steelers

T.J. Watt may be back by the time this game happens, but even in that scenario this Steelers roster just does not come close to stacking up with the Eagles. Their cornerbacks are very vulnerable, and the offense is just not intimidating at all with either Mitch Trubisky or Kenny Pickett at quarterback. The Eagles should take care of business here.

Prediction: Win


Week 9: at Texans (TNF)

Dameon Pierce looks really good, but overall this is probably the worst roster in the NFL. Even on a short week, an upset here would be a stunner.

Prediction: Win


Week 10: Commanders (MNF)

Sadly, Carson Wentz’s return to Philadelphia will likely have to wait, as he is expected to miss at least a month with a broken finger on his throwing hand. Taylor Heinicke might honestly be better, but the Eagles have not had too much trouble with the Commanders as of late, and I do not anticipate that changing now.

Prediction: Win


Week 11: at Colts

The Colts are not good, but the Eagles are not going 17-0, and I think this is a spot where a team could catch them slipping up. It is a short week on the road against a good defense, and Jonathan Taylor is obviously a monster. I’ll say the perfect season ends in Indianapolis.

Prediction: Loss


Week 12: Packers

It turns out it is a lot harder to play offense when you trade a superstar receiver in his prime and do not make any real effort to adequately replace him. The Packers offense looks inept right now, which is a crazy thing to say for a team with Aaron Rodgers. They can definitely figure it out as the season progresses, and I would have considered picking them if the game was at Lambeau Field, but as it currently stands this does not look like a team that can go into Philadelphia on a Sunday night and win.

Prediction: Win


Week 13: Titans

I had this as a loss in the preseason, but the Titans have not looked quite as good as I anticipated, the Eagles have obviously been better than expected, and of course it is the A.J. Brown revenge game as well. I’ll take the Eagles here.

Prediction: Win


Week 14: at Giants

It is certainly not an aesthetically pleasing product, especially on offense, but the Giants are 5-1 and are just finding ways to close out games in the fourth quarter. Brian Daboll is clearly a phenomenal head coach, and for the first time in forever the arrow appears to be pointing up in East Rutherford. The Giants will almost certainly still be in the playoff race at this point, so this is going to be a huge game in front of a loud MetLife Stadium. I’ll take another upset here in a game that looks a lot tougher than it did a couple months ago.

Prediction: Loss


Week 15: at Bears

The Bears offense is completely incompetent, led by a young quarterback in Justin Fields who still needs a lot of development in the passing game while he deals with the worst receiving corps and worst offensive line in the NFL. Angry after a huge loss, the Eagles should smash this team.

Prediction: Win


Week 16: at Cowboys

This is almost definitely going to be a massive game for both teams, with the Cowboys fighting for a playoff spot and the Eagles pushing for the top seed. Dak Prescott will be back, and this will be the Eagles’ third straight road game. I just think this is a tough spot for the Eagles in a stadium they have not won in very much recently.

Prediction: Loss


Week 17: Saints

This is an important game for the Eagles’ offseason, as they own the Saints 2023 first-round pick. The Eagles will need a win to maintain their lead atop the NFC, and they beat a Saints team who could very well be out of the playoff race at this point.

Prediction: Win


Week 18: Giants

I am going to make somewhat of a bold prediction and say that the Eagles will clinch the #1 seed in the NFC after Week 17, and they rest all of their starters in the final game against the Giants, who will still be fighting for either playoff seeding or a spot in the tournament at all.

Prediction: Loss


Final Record Prediction: 13-4, #1 Seed in the NFC



Photo: Glenn Erby/USA Today

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