The Eagles have made it to their Week 7 Bye Week. We’re one third of the way through the season. Let’s check-in.

After a thrilling Sunday Night game against the Dallas Cowboys, the Philadelphia Eagles remain the only undefeated team at 6-0. Even while being undefeated, the Eagles don’t have a huge lead on the NFC.


King Of The NFC

There’s two teams in the NFC that are 5-1. The Vikings, whose only loss is to the Eagle. And fellow NFC East rival… the Giants? Nobody ever saw Brian Daboll making the Giants a playoff bound team, but here we are. Surely the Giants will fall off eventually. Playing the Jags and Seahawks in the next two weeks, you hope to see at least one loss. The Giants have had several lucky breaks. From Missed FG’s, to Lamar Fumbles. Their luck will run dry eventually as they keep finding ways to win games without the majority of their WR’s playing.


There’s only one 4-2 team in the NFC, and that’s the Dallas Cowboys. Thankfully the Eagles spread out the NFC East by winning their second divisional game of the season. With a good lead and an easy upcoming schedule. Philadelphia should be able to take advantage of the undefeated streak and be in a fantastic position when the playoff push in December rolls around.


The final Wildcard spot is currently being held by the 3-3 Rams. There’s a total of 6 teams that are currently sitting at .500 through 6 weeks. That includes the Buccaneers and 49ers, who lead their division, as well as the Seahawks, Packers, Falcons and aforementioned Rams. Luckily, the Eagles already hold a 3 game lead on a playoff spot. So if things get rocky coming down the line, there’s room for error. I’m not saying the Eagles are going on a three game losing streak anytime soon, their toughest stretch of the year comes in Week 11-14, where they’ll play the Colts, Packers, Titans and Giants. The way those teams are looking, the Giants look the scariest.

Coming Through Where It Counts

Being 6-0 is a feat on its own. This is only the 3rd time in franchise history the Eagles have made it to 6-0. The last time Eagles started 6-0? They made it to the Super Bowl. They ended up losing to the Patriots, but they got that revenge over a decade later.

So far the Eagles have shown up and found a way to win games under many circumstances. They managed to comeback from a 14 point deficit against the Jaguars in what could only be described as a monsoon. They’ve had back to back games where they chewed at least 7:30 off of the 4th quarter clock and have been able to shut down receivers like Michael Gallup, CeeDee Lamb, Christian Kirk and Justin Jefferson.

Having beaten 2 playoff teams, including a division rival is highly beneficial. The Eagles will hold the Head-to-Head tiebreaker against the Vikings if they continue on their 4 game win streak. They already hold one game in the series against both the Cowboys and Commanders. While only the former looks like a playoff team, having a 2-0 division record starts the Eagles off strong when they play their final 3 division games in the final 5 weeks of the season.


Big Games Coming Up

Philly has already won some big games. The Vikings, Jaguars and Cowboys were all statement games for this team. Currently on the bye week there’s nothing to look for this week, but the Week 8 game against the Steelers will be for a lot of marbles. Fresh out of the Bye Week, still undefeated. Should the Eagles move on to 7-0, the following matchups against the Texans and the now Wentz-less Commanders. If the Eagles are able to come out with at least 2 wins coming up against what were supposed to be difficult games against the Colts, Packers and Titans now look a lot easier the way these teams have performed their first 6 weeks.


If the Eagles are able to comfortably win upcoming games and stay healthy, not only will they be in a position to win the division, which they’re currently have an 85% chance of winning, but are also projected to win 13.6 games. That being said, how do you pick 4 games out of the schedule that the Eagles will lose?


We’re back next week against the Steelers.

Go Birds!


Photo Credit: Matt Slocum / Associated Press



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