The Philadelphia Eagles (7-0) are back from their bye week like they never left. They faced the Pittsburgh Steelers (2-6) and dominated in the game coined the “Battle of Pennsylvania.” Now, mixed in with Sixers/Flyers regular season games and Union/Phillies postseason games, the Eagles won’t have all eyes on them again until Thursday night against the Houston Texans.

There isn’t much to complain about if you’re Philly, but let’s take a look at the pros (and cons) from Sunday’s game versus the Steelers.

Great coaching

One of the components for success for the Eagles today was to make sure that there was good coaching on both sides of the ball. Coming into the game, the Steelers were going to be a very well-coached game, as that was a key to success over the Buccaneers. Sirianni and defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon were up to the challenge for a great day.

Players are humble and locked in

Jalen Hurts and A.J. Brown, among other players, are locked in. They’re never satisfied. Hurts mentioned in a press conference that he hated hearing “5-0” (we, on the other hand, loved it) and talked about how he wanted to be better. Brown, after having a sensational game versus the Steelers, said he could have had a “bigger day” than having three of the Eagles five touchdowns.

Defense showed up…

The Eagles defense really stepped up against Kenny Pickett and some of the better guys on the Steelers offense. It was going to be a challenge, no doubt, but the defense was able to dominate much of the game and do what they needed to do to only hold Pittsburgh to 13 points.

Fun fact: Riding a World Series (and winning and Union) high

The city of Philadelphia is having the time of its life with the Eagles remaining undefeated. Not only is this just the second time to ever happen to the team, but it’s also happening at the same time the Union are in the playoffs, the Flyers are doing well and the Phillies are in the World Series. The last time a football team was undefeated and its corresponding baseball team was in the World Series was in 2018 with the Los Angeles Rams (7-0) and Dodgers.


…A little too much at times

There were a few issues (and some questionable ones) on the Eagles defense that allowed the Steelers to score. These issues have happened in recent weeks on the Eagles defense, but nothing of much concern if Philadelphia is still able to execute and win. One of the questionable calls of the day, as explained below, ultimately allowed Chase Claypool to get a touchdown.

Special teams have some trouble

Another issue of the day relied on special teams. In a crucial 4th-and-2 for the Steelers, the Eagles special teams were practically nonexistent as they allowed the Steelers to get a first down. This isn’t a major cause for concern right now and I assume this is something the team will look at on film day, but later in the season and in the playoffs, these mistakes will be costly.

Jordan Davis injury

Just when everything was going great for the Eagles, rookie tackle Jordan Davis was carted off the field with a high-ankle sprain. Luckily, x-rays showed no fracture, but Davis will undergo an MRI to see the severity of the injury. More than likely, he will face some time away from the field. The Eagles feel Davis’ absence when he’s not on the field.

Not-so-fun fact: What is a “defensive delay of game?”

Eagles defensive veteran and Pro-Bowler (just so you know how weird this sounds) Brandon Graham faced a defensive delay of game penalty during Sunday afternoon’s game that made fans scratch their heads. Just for your knowledge, it is an actual thing, and it’s defined as “when a defensive player prevents the ball from being placed or an offensive player from getting back to the line of scrimmage so they can run the next play.”


Photo Credit: Eric Hartline/USA TODAY Sports

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