The Eagles offense has been rolling all year. Before any acquisitions were made in the off-season, you could predict this offense would grow. You had Hurts, Sirianni, and Smith all heading into year two together. Not to mention Goedert finally taking over as the starting tight end and Miles Sanders in a contract year. Then Howie Roseman went out and acquired AJ Brown.

The Trade

Philadelphia acquired Brown from Tennessee for the 18th and 101st overall picks in the 2022 draft. The Eagles gave up a first round selection on a position of need for a proven star wide receiver and only had to add a third round pick. I am still trying to understand why the Titans decided to do this trade. Yes, the Eagles then extended Brown on a four year deal worth $100 million and $57 million guaranteed. This was a busy off-season for star wideouts, but I see this contract as a steal for the Eagles. Not only will these big receiver contracts keep going up, but the value for these players will also continue to rise. On paper, this trade was a clear win for the Eagles.

Breakout Game

Now that the season has started, this is clearly a win on the field for the Eagles too. Although Brown hasn’t put up tons of touchdowns, he has been producing for this Eagles offense. They have so many weapons and the touchdowns have been spread around. Finally, in week 8, we saw what AJ Brown can do. Brown had a monster game for the Eagles, with six receptions, 156 yards, and three touchdowns.

Hurts and Brown dominated the Steelers in the first half. It felt like we were waiting for the big, downfield plays between Brown and Hurts and they finally happened. The Steelers were simply no match for the 6’1″, 227-pound receiver. He scored all three touchdowns in a similar fashion.

The first one was a 39 yard bomb and the exact type of play you have in mind when you make the trade. Hurts threw it into double coverage and Brown beat both Pittsburgh Steelers to the ball. This play reminded me a little of the DeVonta Smith catch near the end of the second quarter vs Washington. Hurts put up a ball for his star receiver to go get, and they went up and caught it.


The second one was pretty simple but equally as satisfying. Hurts made an adjustment at the line and was able to hit Brown on a go route before the double coverage could get there. Brown beat his man and Jalen dropped a perfect ball over his receiver’s shoulder. If they start to get the timing down on plays like this, that QB/WR duo will be even more dangerous in the second half of the season.


The final touchdown was Brown’s second of the second quarter. The third touchdown was almost identical to the previous one. This time, the Eagles faked a screen to freeze the defensive backs before taking a shot over the top. Once again, Hurts dropped a beautiful ball over Brown’s shoulder. This time AJ beat two Steelers and let them know about it after. In celebration, he pointed a finger at each player and counted the guys guarding him.


Pittsburgh had no chance at stopping AJ Brown on Sunday afternoon. Each time I watch an Eagles game this season, I can’t wrap my head around why Tennessee traded him, but I am thankful every day that they did. Sunday was his first multi-touchdown game as an Eagle, and I look forward to many more.


Photo Credit: Derik Hamilton/AP Photo 

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