In Week 2, a commentator on NFL Network said that what stands out a good team from a great team is that the great team can continue to execute on the same level each week. The first week was great for the Eagles, then the next week was fun, then the next week and the week after that. Eventually, the media started accepting the Eagles to be at the same table as the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs.

And yet, the Eagles have more to prove. At 8-0 with a great offense and defense that adapts to change and finds ways to win.

Regardless, here are the three highs (and lows) from the game. I want to preface this by saying I know the Eagles had a short week and short weeks are hard on NFL players due to the quick turnaround from a violent sport. That’s why I’m taking most of the offensive/defensive issues with a grain of salt and focusing on big-picture things.

A taste of adversity is good

The Eagles were down early to start the game and the Texans managed to keep up with the team throughout the game. It’s good for the team to get a taste of adversity (even against easy teams) so they’re used to finding ways to get wins in difficult situations when playoffs start to come around.

Offseason additions are eating

A.J. Brown, C.J. Gardner-Johnson and other offseason additions shared the wealth in the win against the Texans. We can attribute this to Howie Roseman’s sensational offseason in addressing just about all the issues the Eagles had.

Hurts trusts himself a lot more

Between last and this season, Jalen Hurts trusts himself a lot more to make the necessary plays he needs to help the offense. Last season, Hurts did a lot of scrambling, though he still managed to make plays on his feet. This season he’s shown major improvements and built trust not only on the offense but also within himself.


Jonathan Gannon

I was hoping I didn’t have to add his name to this list again, but here we are. How do you take one step forward and six steps back? There were so many lingering coaching issues from last season and the Detroit Lions. That means those issues should be resolved.

Do your homework

Going off of that last point, everyone on the coaching staff should be doing their homework against their opponents. When you’re up against a team with a terrible pass or rush defense, it would be wise to pass or run the ball respectively. But, what did we do against the Texans with the worst rush defense? Passed the ball. A lot.

Slow starts don’t cut it in playoffs

Right now, a slow start doesn’t mean much for the Eagles as they continue to come back and win. When it comes time for playoffs, the Eagles will face teams that start fast – such as the Cowboys and Seahawks.


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