Cricket is one of the most well-known sports in the world, with the International Cricket Council identifying 108 member nations, all actively participating and playing the sport

While it has garnered millions of fans and numerous players over time, Australia remains the country with the most ties to the sport in many aspects.

Cricket And Its Origins

Cricket’s origins can be dated back to the 16th century in the South-Eastern parts of England. It’s a type of bat-and-ball team sport that’s popular in countries under the British Commonwealth. It’s generally believed that it started as a children’s game during the medieval era, though some believe that it has Flemish origins.

By the 18th century, the sport had significant developments in England, with official teams and rules being established. The Golden Age of Cricket occurred at the end of the 19th century. Many players were then sent to the first World War, but the past decades produced the best hockey players on the rosters.

Australia’s Introduction To Cricket

Since its official establishment, the sport has been introduced to more countries outside England. The Englishmen brought Cricket to the British Commonwealth countries. By 1862, the English tour landed in Australia, and Cricket was introduced to the country for the first time. By the end of the 1870s, they held the first Melbourne Cricket Ground, with opposing teams from England and Australia.

So Why Is Cricket Australia’s Favorite Sport?

Cricket is considered Australia’s National Summer Sport, and it’s widely played in the country from September to April. Many people are eager to find tickets to the big bash league.

There are over 1.5 million registered Cricket players in the country, and millions of fans attend and watch these games every time. But why do Australians love Cricket so much?

  •  Accessibility In Event Stadiums

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Being their national summer sport, Cricket is played all over Australia. The country has 12 cricket stadiums, and six of these host international cricket games regularly. Because of this, Cricket is accessible to many people in the country who want to watch the big exciting games; thus, being no secret that it’s Australia’s favorite sport.

It’s also available to anyone who wants to join a league, learn, and play Cricket, making it either a casual game or a competitive game between teams.

  • High And Remarkable Winning Rates

In 1877, Australia’s men’s national cricket team has played 844 test matches, earning 400 wins and 128 rating points while ranking first in the International Cricket Council Men’s Test Team Rankings. The country is also the most successful team in the history of Test cricket, following their win-loss-draw percentage.

The Australia women’s national cricket team is also the top team in the world rankings according to ICC in the women’s division, with an impressive record of 20 wins and 46 draws in 76 games. Due to their proficiency and outstanding game records, Australians are proud that Cricket is their country’s favorite sport. 

  • Australian Cultural Ties

Aside from the tangible reasons why Cricket is Australia’s favorite sport, another reason is its cultural significance. According to a 2007 survey report, 59% of the Australian public still has their love and support for Cricket over the years, and it’s often said that the Test captains rank just behind the prime minister in terms of popularity. On the other hand, 93% tune in to their televisions every game to support their favorite cricket team

The largest audience for a Cricket World Cup was 4.2 million viewers in 2015. Merchandises and cricket-related products influenced by modern culture are also still highly popular today, with thousands sold daily. 

  • The Sport’s Impact On The Economy

The sport’s significant events contribute USD$150 million per year to the total economic prosperity of the country, making it an important gear in moving Australia’s economy. 

From stadiums and shows to merchandise and televised broadcasts, Cricket has a sizeable economic impact as a sport and a part of the country’s socio-cultural aspect as well, thus affecting the everyday life of every Australian.


Although Cricket is a popular sport around the world, it’s still unlikely that anyone will beat Australia and their cricket fans regarding their passion for it.

With their ease of accessibility in playing, high winning rates in games, ties with Australian culture, significant impact on the country’s economy, the influence of the mainstream culture on its popularity, and associations with the education system, Cricket will remain close to Australia’s heart.

If you’re interested in Australia’s love for Cricket, tune in to the latest news and be one of those who enjoy watching and supporting Cricket’s fame.

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