The Eagles may not have had a game last Sunday but there is still one major takeaway. The NFC is the Eagles to lose.  Through nine weeks of the NFL, the Eagles have solidified themselves as the team to beat in the NFC.

Coming into the season teams like the Rams, Buccaneers, 49ers, and Packers all looked to be the favorites in the NFC. These teams could still definitely make a deep playoff run but they look a lot less intimidating than they did in August and September.

The Eagles came into this season with high expectations and so far they have exceeded those high expectations. Jalen Hurts is playing at an MVP level. Everyone expected improvement from Hurts, but not to this level, at least this soon. The success of Hurts has elevated the Eagles to a top team in the NFL and a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

The play of the Eagles as a whole unit should give fans real confidence in this group. The offense and defense have both been very good this season, ranking second in average points per game this season at 28.1 and fourth in average points given up per game at 16.9.

The Eagles are as complete as complete could be. You can nitpick and talk about specific areas that may need slight improvement, but for the most part, each part of this team is playing at a high level.

It is hard to look at other teams around the NFC and say they are better. There is always the old adage “any given Sunday”. There have been plenty of upsets in the NFL. The Eagles could absolutely lose to a team with less talent, but this group continually stays locked in each week.

There is a lot of football left and anything can happen, but the Eagles look like the top team in the NFC. There are still challengers out there but the success on the field so far this season says the Eagles are legit. If things keep going this way hopefully we’ll see another banner raised at the Linc.

Featured Image: Cooper Neill/Getty Images

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