The Eagles are coming off an ugly, and unacceptable loss against the Washington Commanders. Although it took the refs blowing some big calls, and the Eagles shooting themselves in the foot several times, the Commanders still pulled out a victory. The Eagles run defense has been absolutely atrocious the past 5 games. In the past 5 games, they have given up 124, 134, 144, 168, and 152 rushing yards to opposing offenses. With some key additions to the interior defensive line, the Eagles should be in for a big bounce back week against the Colts.

The Birds were disappointed with the defense that has been on display the past month and a half, and right after the loss to the Commanders, Howie signed Linval Joseph, and Ndamukong Suh to 1 year deals. This will definitely help fill the void that was created when Jordan Davis went to IR. Both players are proven veterans who can help with D-Line rotation and gap stuffing. Going up against a colts team who has looked pretty sorry all year, the D-Line should be able to bounce back and cause some havoc against Jonathan Taylor and the Colts.

Another reason the Eagles lost last week is because Gannon refused to adjust the defense. This is similar to last season when teams would impose their will against his boring, and mediocre scheme. Up until this point, Gannon has snuck his way through this season without receiving any criticism. He needs to be better. He is one of the biggest liabilities to this Eagles team for the rest of the season. The Eagles remaining schedule by opposing Running Back (Or main rusher) is, Jonathan Taylor, Aaron Jones/ AJ Dillon, Derrick Henry, Saquon Barkley, Justin Fields, Tony Pollard/ Ezekiel Elliot, Alvin Kamara, and Saquon Barkley. If the Eagles can’t stop the sorry Commanders rushing attack, then Gannon and the rest of the Eagles defense are in serious trouble.

Jonathan Gannon has yet again become stuck in his ways, and has become too satisfied with the defense. Howie feels the complete opposite way, which is why he signed two proven veterans to help this pitiful Eagles run defense. The Eagles have shown their ability to face adversity and bounce back in tough situations, but things could snowball downhill extremely quickly if they don’t assess their schedule, and come up with a game plan to stop the run the rest of the season.

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