The Philadelphia Eagles are the sole team with ten wins (and one loss) this season. Coming off of a historic win over the Green Bay Packers (4-8), the Eagles seem to be back on track after having a few-game-slump. The Eagles won 40-33 and had 500 total yards of offense, most of which came from the run game. The Eagles did everything right and as of right now, I think it’s safe to say the team is doing comfortably well. Knocks on wood

For the first time this season, I only have two downsides from yesterday’s game, one of which is not necessarily the team’s fault. First, let’s bask in the good from yesterday night’s win.


They ran the ball against a subpar defense

It feels like any time the Eagles face a team with a mediocre or bad run defense, the team always finds way to not run the ball anyway. It’s understandable that the Eagles would pass the ball if the run defense was trying to work on that issue, but to almost abandon the run game feels counterproductive. Against the Packers, however, the Eagles spread the rush game around for three touchdowns. Two touchdowns came from Miles Sanders who had 21 carries for 143 yards and one touchdown from Kenneth Gainwell who had eight carries for 39 yards. Jalen Hurts also had 17 carries for 157 yards, stopping the Packers defense with his arm and legs.

Defense stepped up big (again)

As expected, the Eagles defense stepped up big against Aaron Rodgers and Co. The stats speak for themselves, but the defense faced adversity the past few games with Jordan Davis going down and now CJ Gardner-Johnson leaving the Packers game with a rib injury. Though they went down, recently Ndamukong Suh, Linval Joseph and Reed Blankenship stepped up big.

Coaching on both sides of the ball was great

If it’s not offense stepping up, it’s defense and vice versa. This has been an issue for the Eagles long before Nick Sirianni came in. The Eagles looked extremely put together yesterday on both sides of the ball which got the job done versus the Packers. Now, the Eagles need to continue having both sides of the ball put together to get comfortable wins versus their final string of opponents.

Bonus: Witnessing greatness with the Eagles HOF Induction

It was an honor to be at this game (and very close to the field) to witness Trent Cole and Hugh Douglas being inducted into the Eagles Hall of Fame.

Personal issues with Gardner-Johnson and Brown

According to @ProFootballDoc on Twitter, the user stated that Gardner-Johnson “seemed to have difficulty breathing and moving.” Tests would mean that the Eagles safety would rule out lung collapse then look for a rib fracture. Then, if he has one rib injury, he could return with multiple injections that would be “hard to play [through].” Judging from Gardner-Johnson’s recent Instagram post, it looks like he will miss some time this season. This is a huge blow to the Eagles considering the help he provided on defense this season.

A.J. Brown is also someone I’m worried about, not because of any fumbles or issues like that, but because he’s still getting over being sick. Being sick and still getting in the game and having a great night is very admirable, but we need as many fully healthy Eagles as we can get right now.

Special teams was rough

The Eagles are ALMOST a complete football team. Offense and defense held it down versus the Packers and Steelers since the bye week, but now special teams is a focus for the Eagles to improve on down the stretch.

Photo Credit: Jennifer McGraw/PHL Eagles Nation Staff Writer

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