After a win on Sunday Night, Philadelphia remains the number one seed in the NFC and holds onto the best record in all of football. The Eagles have been winning in different ways all season, but there is a winning formula for this team. The formula has been used all season and is why the Eagles are winning games.

1. Getting Early Leads

A great way to win any football game is to be the first team who scores. All year the Eagles have been competitive in the first quarter and dominant in the second. The Eagles used the second quarter as their “point quarter” to start the year. They did the bulk of the scoring in the second, setting the team up to win the game in the second half. This was displayed in the first quarter against Green Bay when the Eagles scored two quick touchdowns in the first quarter. Although the Packers were able to come back, the early points helped the Eagles dictate the game.

2. Winning the Turnover Margin

All season the Eagles have led the league in turnover margin. Through 11 weeks, the defense has 15 interceptions and 8 fumbles for a total of a league high 23 turnovers. Hurts has only thrown three interceptions all season. Fumbles have become a bit of a problem lately with the offense losing 7 fumbles on the season. Philadelphia’s secondary has been flying around all season and it showed on Sunday night. Once again, the Eagles won the turnover margin, 2-1. Both Josiah Scott and Reed Blankenship recorded their first career interceptions. The Blakenship interception was vital as it gave the Eagles the ball back and kept points off the board for Green Bay.

3. Running the Ball and Time of Possession

After getting an early lead and being set up to add points by turnovers, the Eagles then control the clock with their offensive line and run game. Against the Packers, Philadelphia dominated in the run game, rushing for 363 yards opposed to Green Bay only rushing for 106 yards. The Eagles also had the ball for nine more minutes than the Packers.

You could see the Eagles offensive line and Miles Sanders starting to wear on the Packers defense in the fourth. Even Gainwell had multiple first down conversions on long third down runs. The Eagles have only lost the rushing battle four times in the games against Washington and victories over Houston, Pittsburgh, and Washington. With weapons like Hurts and Sanders behind the Philadelphia offensive line, it’s no secret why running the football leads to wins.

4. Clutch Late Scores

Throughout the season the second half has left a lot to be desired. Early, Philadelphia was so dominant in the first half all they needed to do was hold onto a lead. The offense has been able to extend leads in the fourth quarter as opponents climb back into games. The Eagles have extended or taken the lead six times in the fourth quarter. Whether it is a lead extending or game winning drive, points help the Eagles manage the fourth quarter. Suppose any opposition feels like they have a chance; the offense has been able to extend the lead and put it out of reach. Look for Jalen Hurts and the Eagles to continue winning games in the fourth quarter.

Philadelphia has used this formula or a slight variation to get to a 10-1 record. It has worked so far for the Eagles and it is exactly how they should be winning games. As the season progresses, Philadelphia will have to find new ways to win games down the stretch, but Sirianni has found an excellent formula for them to be successful.


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