Weeks 12 and 13 of the NFL have come and gone. After exceptional performances by the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles in the past two weeks, it’s clear they are the two competing for the division. The upside, however, is that all four NFC East teams have the opportunity to make the playoffs.

Dallas Cowboys: Dominant games

The Cowboys had a great win over the New York Giants on Thanksgiving, 28-20. They had an even better win on Sunday versus the Indianapolis Colts, 54-19. The team is showing everyone once again why you shouldn’t count them out yet. At the rate they are playing, the Cowboys are more than likely to make a strong push in the playoffs. The Cowboys face the Houston Texans.

New York Giants: Frauds?

The New York Giants had a pretty dominant first half of the season before falling to NFC East rivals in back-to-back weeks. They fell to the aforementioned Dallas Cowboys in a Thanksgiving showdown and tied with the Washington Commanders, 20-20. Next, the Giants face the 11-1 Philadelphia Eagles.

Washington Commanders: Slowing down?

The Washington Commanders had highs and lows this season. It seems the team moves on a week-to-week basis regarding if they’ll make the playoffs or not. Last week, the Commanders beat the Falcons, 19-13 but tied with the Giants this week 20-20. The final four remaining games the Commanders have are versus the Giants again, the 49ers, Browns and Cowboys. I can easily see the team going 2-2 in the final four-game stretch. Will it be good enough for playoffs?

Philadelphia Eagles: Back-to-back

The Birds are soaring high at 11-1. Fresh off a victory against the Titans, 35-10, people assumed it would be a loss for the Eagles. This team continues to dominate in the air and on the ground, but the tough matchups do not stop for this team. If we’re being honest, I’m just looking ahead to the Dallas Cowboys. This game will determine and prove a lot for the Eagles in the playoff picture.


Photo Credit: AP Photo/Matt Slocum

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