FOCO is back again with a new collection of bobbleheads, but this time with a few twists.

Phillies Holiday Bobble Bro
Photo: FOCO

Their brand-new Holiday Mascot Bobble Bros collection is in stock and ready to ship ahead of the holidays. FOCO’s bobbleheads are not limited and retail at a much lower price of just $30.

This makes them the perfect stocking stuffer and a great addition to any Philadelphia sports fan’s home. 

The collection features team mascots wearing a reindeer-themed hats. They are also sporting a scarf with a ball in hand.

In the collection, there are mascots from 3 Philadelphia teams, the Eagles, Phillies, and Flyers.

If you are familiar with some of FOCO’s other bobbleheads, you will quickly notice these don’t have a base, making them really stand out from the rest of their offering. 

Like all FOCO bobbleheads, each one is handcrafted and hand-painted, so no two are exactly the same. As mentioned before, these are not limited and are in stock and ready to ship now. They stand at just 4in tall, so they should fit you’d spot you’d want to don’t them.

Don’t wait to pick up one of all of the Philadelphia Holiday Mascot Bobble Bros for yourself or as a gift for the upcoming holidays!

Featured Image: FOCO
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