Micah Parsons was this week’s guest star on Von Miller’s weekly podcast “The Voncast” on Bleacher Report. You can watch the full episode here, but the teaser clip they play in the first few seconds is the part generating the most buzz, and of course the part of most interest in Philadelphia. Parsons appears to propose the possibility of Jalen Hurts being a beneficiary of the Eagles offensive system and the supporting cast around him rather than someone who is putting the team on his back. As you are probably aware, the Eagles play the Cowboys on Christmas Eve, and assuming they can beat a 3-10 Bears team that is already thinking about Cabo, they will clinch the top seed in the NFC with a win in that game. So, like, it is a pretty big game, and this will no doubt only add to the media storyline fuel in the days leading up to it.To begin, there is nothing ethically wrong with Parsons expressing his opinion on a lighthearted podcast with another NFL star, regardless of whether throwing light shade toward the best player on your biggest competitor is a smart thing to do, so I have no problems with it in that regard. With that being said, to suggest that Hurts has not been doing any kind of heavy lifting this season is obviously just nonsense. Of course having an incredible trio of pass catchers and the best offensive line in the league, among other things, is helping him, but Hurts is being asked to be the focal point of a run heavy attack while also keeping the defense honest with accurate and timely deep passes when the time comes, and he has been doing it to perfection. You simply need to be both an elite passer and runner to have the season Hurts has had, and Parsons of all people not seeing that reality is quite odd.My biggest takeaway from this whole “controversy” (for lack of a better term) is the responses of the Eagles’ players when asked to respond to Parsons’ take. It feels as if Sirianni has them programmed like robots, Bill Belichick style. Here is Hurts’ elaborate response:

If you know Hurts, that is not really surprising, but look at how Jordan Mailata responded to a similar prompt:

This team is wired to focus on their next opponent and next opponent only, and it is most certainly part of the reason for their incredible success this season. A team as talented as this one is, plus as thick-skinned and locked in as they come as a collective unit, is going to be really, really hard to beat in a home game in January.



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