The 12-1 Eagles are going to be playing the 3-10 Bears on Sunday at 1 o’clock in Chicago. It’s set to be a cold one, with the high temperature being 26 degrees, and with some sustained winds around 10-20 MPH. Other than weather, there should be no factor playing against the Eagles on Sunday. The Eagles are the best team, the Bears are one of the worst teams, and this should be a runaway win for the Birds.

To put it nicely, the bears are just awful. Sure, they have a young QB who can make some electric plays on his feet, but so do we and ours is better. Many media outlets all say the same thing, the only way the bears stand a chance is if Justin Fields goes crazy and runs for 500 yards and 8 touchdowns. This obviously will not happen, but I do not think he will even break 50 yards on the ground. Many people seem to think he will run all over us, but these people must have forgotten that our defense has practiced against Jalen Hurts (a better running QB) all season. Their wide-outs are sorry. Their O-Line is stabilizing as the season goes on, but they are not prepared for the Eagles relentless D-Line. The only thing they have going for them on offense is their two running backs, and one of them is on IR. I don’t see the Bears getting anymore than 17 points, and the Eagles defense will have an absolute “Fields day” (lol).

The Bears defense is equally as bad as their offense. The only player that I could name without looking is Jaquan Brisker, their rookie safety. Otherwise, they traded us their best player, and he can’t even get on the field on our loaded team. The bears rank 25th or lower in the following categories: Opponent Points Per Game (30th), Opponents Points Per Play (32nd), Opponent Yards Per Play (29th), Opponent 3rd down conversion (32nd), Opponent Redzone scoring (26th), and Opponent Touchdowns Per Game (30th). You absolutely hate to see it, and with the Eagles coming into town, its hard to believe the Bears will have any success on defense.

The Eagles are not the kind of team to take anyone lightly, or to overlook anyone. All week the messaging has been that they are focused on the Bears and I believe that to be true. They are going to continue their dominance and destroy the Bears. Go Birds!


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