It’s been quite the week of insane football in the NFL. While things have remained fairly interesting this weekend in the NFC East with a Cowboys loss in overtime, the Commanders losing to the Giants and all teams still technically in the playoffs, the really interesting stuff is what’s ahead of this season. 


With just a few days before Christmas, it’s time to take a look at who’s been naughty and who’s been nice going off of last week.

Washington Commanders: Critical Loss

After tying with the New York Giants just two weeks prior, the Commanders could not get anything started to win against the Giants in this matchup. The Giants ended up winning 20-12. 


New York Giants: Critical Win

Daniel Jones and Co. got it done against the abovementioned Commanders on their turf. The Commanders had more yardage on the day, but it just didn’t matter as the Giants were smart with their decision-making and got the job done to continue pushing for playoffs.


Dallas Cowboys: Loss in OT

In a game that would have been a sure win for Dallas, the Cowboys and Jaguars went into overtime. In a thrilling play that could’ve been a touchdown for Dallas, the ball was intercepted and returned for a Jaguars touchdown to win the game, 40-34. Now, the Cowboys gear up for Eagles week on Christmas Eve.


Philadelphia Eagles: Win but Loss

The Eagles had a scrappy win versus the Chicago Bears 25-20. The Bears, including equally mobile quarterback Justin Fields, were step for step with the Eagles. Philadelphia got a taste of its own medicine facing off against a team that has a lot of similarities. However, the worst was yet to come when MVP quarterback, Jalen Hurts, went down after Sunday’s game with a short-term shoulder sprain. Now, Gardner Minshew may step up big on Christmas Eve versus the Cowboys.


Photo Credit: Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post

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