I’m so glad we’re moving on to Week 18 because I never want to think about this game ever again. Sure, Gardner Minshew was atrocious and Jonathan Gannon once again made us all angry beyond compare. However, the Eagles’ offensive line and coaching staff were hungover and asleep for this New Year’s Day game.

One last time, let’s recap this game.

“People gotta do their jobs”

Major kudos to Brandon Graham for his double-digit sacks this season coming off of an Achilles injury last season. T.J. Edwards with nine tackles and two assists, once again, silently had himself a fantastic day and seemed to be one of the few Eagles defense awake throughout the entire game. Haason Reddick had two sacks, Fletcher Cox and Milton Williams had a sack each. Josiah Scott got an interception and made up for his mistake last week.

Special teams showed up at times

Someone had to show energy in this game and I’m glad it was special teams at times. Thanks to them, the Eagles’ impossible comeback was made a little easier when the team managed to hold the Saints to field goals. Though we will have Jalen Hurts and other much-needed players back for playoffs, this kind of stuff will matter.


No energy

The Eagles should just not play on holidays. They lacked energy last week and this week’s game. I get it, different quarterback, so things will be different, but things shouldn’t be that drastically different. The team should be fired up to win and get the playoff position they need so they can rest up and focus on playoffs. Now, it’s up in the air and the team’s hard work is on the verge of being thrown out the door, so the team has to continue fighting into Week 18. The team’s issue right now lies in the fact that they’re a bunch of individuals playing as such, instead of playing as a team.

No good playcalling

Can anyone tell me what you’re supposed to do when you have a yard to go on the field? Is quarterback sneak not an option anymore? Of course, it’s still an option. I don’t know why that’s not an option with the big bodies we have on the Eagles’ offensive line. Maybe it’s because the offensive line didn’t actually show up to the game until later on when at that point, the quarterback sneak failed. Also, don’t call Hurts-type plays for Minshew. They’re Hurts-type plays for a reason. This tells me the coaching staff didn’t make any adjustments from one game to the next when they badly needed to.

No accountability

I don’t care about how the quarterback did. I don’t care who did or didn’t make catches. I don’t even care about the first seed or NFC title at this point because this point is much bigger than football. The way we saw players for two straight weeks throw others under the bus is atrocious behavior. You don’t see this behavior from the veterans. It doesn’t matter if the quarterback sucks, it doesn’t matter if the veteran offensive lineman got a penalty. When you have an issue with someone, you address it privately. Especially in the Philadelphia market, if you’re throwing each other the bus, this gives the beat writers and reporters the opportunity to take those comments and have a field day. Furthermore, what is the logic behind back-to-back sacks on a player when you’re down two possessions in the fourth? That’s your time to put your head down and focus. If I’m being honest, the Eagles needed these back-to-back losses because now the team can stop riding the “best defense in the NFL” narrative. This brings me back to the point I made above one last time: The team’s issue right now lies in the fact that they’re a bunch of individuals playing as such, instead of playing as a team.

And finally, Philadelphia Eagles?


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