The Eagles are going to have their third straight, and final chance at clinching the number 1 seed in the NFC tomorrow afternoon. They’ll be taking on the New York Giants, who have solidified their spot at the 6 seed in playoffs. The Giants have nothing to play for, because they cannot improve or worsen their playoff spot. The Giants will be resting most of their key players, so come on Eagles, lets get this done.

The Eagles previously had two attempts at clinching the NFC East and the number 1 seed, and they blew it both times. Sure, they didn’t have their MVP candidate QB, or their future HOF Right Tackle, but they looked awful last week. The O-line committed 8 penalties, making it almost impossible to move the ball downfield at all. Gardner Minshew looked absolutely lost against the Saints defense. Gannons play calling was awful again. What a surprise, when you line the corners 15 yards off the receivers, its easy to complete passes against them. The only part of the Eagles game last week that was any good at all was our D-line, posting 7 sacks, and DeVonta Smith having his third straight game over 110 yards receiving.

This week, The Birds need to come out of the gates fast. It does not matter that they are playing against backups, they need to prove that the last three weeks aren’t representative of whats to come in playoffs. The goal of this game should be to get up big early so that they can rest their own key players too. If The Eagles don’t come out focused, they could be in another close game with a bad team just like they were against the Bears and Saints. Moving from the 1 seed to the 5 seed is a drastic change that nobody wants to have.

The Eagles destiny is in their own hands. They have the ability to go out and beat this team handily as long as they come out fast and stay focused. Hopefully by tomorrow evening, The Eagles will be the number 1 seed! GO BIRDS!

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