Thankfully, The Eagles were able to clinch the NFC 1st Seed in Week 18 of the Regular Season.

With a 1st Round Bye, Eagles fans can comfortably breathe a sigh of relief knowing their team will play in the 2nd round. While we do not know who they will play until after this weekend, we can project who they might play, and how some of the games might play out.

San Francisco 49ers VS Seattle Seahawks

This NFC West rivalry wasn’t insanely competitive by any means.
The Jimmy Garoppolo led Niners won 27-7 to start the year. With Seattle’s only points coming from a Blocked FG returned for a TD.

Brock Purdy pulled off a win in Seattle during Week 15. A first quarter that saw 5 Punts and a lone SF touchdown.

San Francisco’s top rated defence continues to cause problems throughout the league. Allowing 16.3 PTS/g has been impressive for a team that’s been using their 3rd string QB since week 13. 

It might be difficult to pull off a 3 game sweep of a division opponent, but if there’s a team to do it. It would be the 49ers. The Eagles most likely won’t see the 49ers until the Championship game. If both teams make it to the final NFC game of the year.

If the Seahawks find themselves able to prevent a sweep against their division rival, they will be going straight on to Philadelphia, and the rest of the weekend wouldn’t impact the Eagles until future games.

Cheer For: The Seahawks. They aren’t a team to be taken lightly, they’ve come up big against playoff teams, and they’ve looked miserable against teams vying for a top 5 draft pick. But with all the weapons on offence and defence, they could be a surprising outcome of any NFC playoff games. However, the 49ers Defence won’t let up for anyone, and I’d rather risk my chances against the Seahawks


Los Angeles Chargers Vs Jacksonville Jaguars

In week 3, the Jaguars already beat the Chargers 38-10. Jacksonville looked like they had a talented defence and Trevor Lawrence was looking like his Clemson self. However, the Chargers were dealing with injuries galore. Herbert was playing through a rib injury, Keenan Allen missed the game. With both players hopefully healthy, including Mike Williams who is currently Questionable after his Week 18 Back Injury.

Doug Pederson was doubted when he took over the Jaguars who had yet another 3-14 disappointment of the 2021 season. Doug managed to turn the Jaguars into an AFC South Champion in 1 season. They gave the Eagles an early season win to continue their undefeated streak. Plus they prevented the Cowboys from even sniffing the NFC East Champion title with an Overtime Pick 6 Win!


Cheer For: The Jaguars. If you’re not cheering for Doug Pederson to have more playoff success, then I can’t help you. The Jaguars have been a fun team to watch the last few weeks. They enter the playoffs on a 5 game winning streak, after starting the season 3-7. 


Miami Dolphins Vs Buffalo Bills

This Division Rivalry split their regular season games. Except, Tua Tagovailoa played in both those games, with 420 Passing Yards and 3 Touchdowns.

Now, it’ll be up to Skylar Thompson to put a stop to the Buffalo Bills. While it’s unlikely to happen, a chance to watch the Chiefs, Bengals or Bills play amongst each other in the final 4 AFC teams will definitely be a treat for this playoffs.

Will Josh Allen be able to bring his team further into the playoffs for another year? Let’s hope so, cause an AFC Divisional round without the powerhouse Bills will be a disappointment.

Cheer For: The Bills. A divisional round with the Bills, Chiefs, Bengals and Jaguars would be a crazy sight and could lead to some fun matchups in the Super Bowl. 


New York Giants VS Minnesota Vikings

These teams played in Week 16. The Vikings won with a last second Field Goal, again. The Vikings went 11-0 in one score games this season. None of them were exactly convincing wins, and not against great teams either. I think their luck may finally run out against the Giants. New York scathed their way into the playoffs, and they’re playing a familiar team they barely lost to. 

There’s minimal pressure on the Giants. Brian Daboll, much like Doug Pederson, took a 4-13 team to 9-7-1 in only one season. The Giants are just happy to be playing football this late into January.

The Vikings have all the pressure, Kevin O’Connell did a good job getting the team to where they were, but their record doesn’t reflect the team they really are. They won 11 one score games, while simultaneously getting blown out in all 4 of their losses. A 13-4 team with a point differential of -3. 

Cheer For: The Giants. The Eagles took care of business against the Giants twice already. I wouldn’t hold them to doing it a third time. There’s a lot of pressure for the Vikings to win this game, and if Primetime Kirk Cousins can’t do it, then the Vikings have a big problem next year. The Giants winning could come in handy if the Seahawks can’t beat the 49ers, giving the Eagles an easier path to the NFC Championship Game.


Baltimore Ravens Vs Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals took care of the Ravens less than 7 days ago. With Anthony Brown at QB while Lamar is still out with injury. The Bengals put the game away early up 24-7 at halftime. 

I doubt the recipe for success will change that much for the Bengals heading into an immediate rematch, getting Joe Burrow 1 game closer to another Super Bowl appearance. 

The Ravens managed to win games without Lamar Jackson on the field, but I don’t know if they’ll be able to without Lamar Jackson against some of the AFC’s best teams.

Cheer For: The Bengals. It’s quite obvious the Bengals will *probably* win this game. I’m no sportsbook, but I’d take the Bengals for this win. Hopefully resulting in the Bills and Chiefs clashing with Cincinnati in the 2nd round.


Dallas Cowboys Vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Alright neither of these teams are what the Week 1 game showed us. Dak Prescott can throw the ball! He’s just undecided on what team he wants to catch most of them. Leading the league in Interceptions, even after missing 5 games is not a good look for the Cowboys QB.

With a Buccaneers offence that began heating up in the last few weeks. Who’s to say who might be able to stop Tom Brady in the playoffs? 

Both of these teams have had very questionable defensive performances throughout all 18 weeks of the season. This game will come down to which Quarterback is more reckless with the ball, and which defence actually shows up on time. 

Cheer For: Neither? While I don’t want to watch either of these teams make it to the 2nd round. For the sake of picking a winner, we’ll cheer for the Buccaneers, so we can continue to mock Cowboys fans throughout the off-season.


Which of these games will have the biggest up set? 

What team will the Eagles host in the Divisional Round?

Let us know what you think!

Go Birds



Photo Credit: Eric Hartline / USA Today Sports


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