Are you excited about the 2023 Super Bowl? We are!
Their Playoff fields are set to go, and now everyone is wondering who will be the ones to take home the Lombardi Trophy in February. 

The Super Bowl odds are looking excellent for quite a few teams, and this year we are really seeking some players and teams to make a real comeback. 

Now, we all know that Brady returned to the Bucs to win his 8th Super Bowl ring; however, with the amount of epic talent in the NFL right now and with how brilliantly this year has gone for teams like the Chiefs, Eagles, and Bengals, it’s highly unlikely he will get what he wanted.

However, even though it looks as though Brady won’t get what he wanted from this season, there are plenty of teams who may get exactly what they wanted. So, today we are going to look at exactly who is looking to be our champions. 

Who should you have your sights on this season?

Playoff Rankings: It’s Getting Hot Now! 

Since the regular season began, the Eagles have been at the top of most people’s rankings; they had the easiest path to make it to the postseason games, even though Jalen Hurts’ injury did make it a little rough there. 

However, now that we are at the playoffs, with the Wild Card games starting, we are not going to rank the teams as though they are on a tiered system, instead, we will give you the top 4 teams we think have what it takes to get through the single game eliminations and win the Lombardi Trophy! 

1) Philadelphia Eagles // +400 Odds

We would be lying if we did not say that the 3 best teams in the playoffs this year are AFC teams. However, we look to the Eagles and see a team that has a deep roster and epic coaching from Sirianni and the coordinators. 

They cannot be dropped from the top tier.

Hurts was healthy up until the 15th week of the season, and until then, the team was 13-1, with the top-ranked scoring offense and 6th-ranked defensive scoring. 

Having had 2 weeks of Minshew is not reason enough to tear us away from how amazing this football team is and how they were clearly heading the league for the most part of the season. 

What makes a win from them even more likely is that they have the bye week, and they also have home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. With Hurts back in the game, we have no doubt we will end up seeing the Eagles topping Super Bowl 2023 news!

2) Kansas City Chiefs // +330 Odds

The Chiefs actually have the best odds to win the Super Bowl, even with it being likely that they will have to play in a neutral site for the AFC championship game if they end up facing the Bills. 

NFL Playoffs
Photo: Sporting News

They have Mahomes, which gives them even more of an edge. It is as simple as that, really. 

Mahomes finished the regular season with a lead in the NFL in expected points per passing yard, dropback, and passing touchdowns. 

He actually elevated the Chiefs’ offense in the space of a year; he is simply on a mission to prove exactly why he is the true best quarterback in the NFL! 

3) Buffalo Bills // +420 Odds

We were just talking about the Bills, weren’t we, well, they have climbed the rankings fast this year, and they have some epic stats, which we are glad to see; it’s been a while since we have seen this franchise, so top tier! 

Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs are two of the premier players in the NFL, and with McDermott and the coaching staff, they have totally maxed out the talent on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball in the Bills. 

They have rallied through an unprecedented adversary, as we may all remember, with the Week 17 Hamlin injury, which was nothing short of being terrifying. 

The Bills are very talented and have even more to play for as they work to honor Hamlin as they play for the Super Bowl title! 

4) Cincinnati Bengals // +750 Odds

The Bengals are another hot team to keep an eye out for with good odds, maybe not as high as some others. However, they are hard-pressed and confident, probably more so than any other team in the NFL at the moment. 

Of course, this is mostly thanks to Joe Burrow, the Bengals quarterback, who is absolutely gunning for a win. 

He is throwing no-look passes and telling the media that the Super Bowl window is always going to be open for the Bengals as long as he is in Cincinnati. 

He led the team to 10 wins in their final 11 games of the season, and their offense is looking perfect as it ranks 3rd out of the league in their offensive EPA per drive and has done since week 6. 

With a W-L rate of 12-4, it’s looking hopeful to see the Bengals at another Super Bowl soon! 

Featured Image: Sporting News
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