At the time of writing this, the opening day of the coming baseball season is still painfully far away in the future.
Luckily for us from Philly, there are a lot of other sports to entertain us in the meantime while we wait for the baseball season to start. 

But there’s nothing that quite beats the excitement of opening-day baseball. All hope is kindled anew, and being able to go enjoy a baseball game on a Saturday afternoon is one of the highlights of the experience of sports fans.

Unfortunately, the Phillies start the season on the road, but hopefully, that just means that we’re going to have good momentum going for the first series against the Reds at home. If you’re looking to go to the opening games, you can click for Phillies tickets.

Get Your Tickets as Early as Possible

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Even if it’s usually pretty easy to find seating at Citizens Bank Park, it’s well worth it to try and pick up your tickets as early as possible. This will ensure you get the best seats at the lowest prices possible. 

Early tickets often come with cheaper prices, and you most likely get to sit closer to the action. If there’s one game it’s worth forking out some extra money to get tickets for, there’s no question that it should be the first Phillies baseball game of the season. Even if it’s possible to catch the action well from the second deck, opening day only comes around once a year, and it’s well worth it to spend some extra money for better seats. 

The First Home Game Is Always Special

The first home game of the season is always magical, and there is no place like the ballpark to welcome spring. For many of us baseball fans, the lineup of our favorite team becomes like a second family, and it’s just exciting to watch Bryce Harper or any other of the key members of the lineup take to the batter’s box. 

Will any new rookies make their mark at the beginning of the season? With so many different storylines to the first couple of games of the season, it’s such a fun experience to be close to the action. Bring some friends or family along and make an entire day of it.

The Phillies usually bring out the big drums for opening day, and there is plenty of activity and action going around the ballpark.

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