On Wednesday, Deebo Samuel spoke to media before the San Francisco 49ers will play the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship Game on Sunday.

During this interview, Samuel was asked about the environment in Philadelphia.

Now, this isn’t something to be taken lightly.

Levi’s Stadium doesn’t have great acoustics to begin with.

Anyone and Everyone sounded off in the comments here about Deebo’s inaccuracy with what was said. If this is true, there’s no solid evidence that would suggest otherwise.

I found a few pieces within the last year Ranking the top 10 loudest stadiums in the NFL. Not so surprisingly, Levi’s Stadium doesn’t crack the top 10. But surprisingly, neither does the Linc.

And while Deebo wasn’t playing for the 49ers in 2011, Bleacher Report ranked all 32 NFL fanbases. With the 49ers getting ranked 29th on the list, did things improve that much after a few winning seasons followed by the disasters of 2014-2018? Philadelphia ranks 17th on the list, so while they still aren’t the top dog, they had 12 spots on the 49ers over a decade ago.


San Francis- Santa Clara, has held its fair share of major events since Levi’s opened in 2014. However, a stadium that is labelled with a ‘corporate atmosphere’ shouldn’t be trying to label itself the loudest.


While the Tweet below that had people believing that the city of Philadelphia was shaking during the World Series. Unfortunately, it was proven false.

This video of the sounds from Citizens Bank Park heard from blocks away would tell a different story.



Even The Eagles Dealt With The Noise

Jason Kelce(13:42) and Dallas Goedert(45:20) both made comments that the Eagles even went into silent count due to crowd noise against the Giants. The 49ers might not be a division opponent, but they’re the only thing between the Eagles, and a trip to the Super Bowl.


Will you be there to cheer on the Birds this Sunday and prove to Deebo Samuel which team truly has the louder home crowd?


Go Birds!



Photo Credit: Tony Avelar / AP Photo


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