MLS jerseys rotate on a bi-yearly cycle. Each year a team gets new home or away jerseys. For the Union, this year is a new away kit. We just got our first bit of information on what is in store for the new jersey.

An updated kit is always fun for the fanbase. Unfortunately, the Union is saying goodbye to the classic fan favorite By | U Kits. At least the last time we got to see them was in the MLS Cup. That is the ONLY thing we will speak of from the MLS Cup…

However, the season kicks off later this month and we have received nothing about the new kits. Not even a tease. That was until yesterday.

A Sponsorship Extension

The sponsorship front and center is one of the most polarizing things about soccer jerseys. It often makes it very difficult to have a clean-looking jersey. Union fans have had a love/hate relationship with the Bimbo Bakeries logo front and center.

Well, they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Yesterday, the Union and Bimbo Bakeries USA announced a multimillion-dollar extension of their partnership.

While the BIMBO is here to stay on the primary jerseys, the secondary jerseys do get a switch.

Just like when the BY | U kits had Artesano on the front, the new kit will have the Thomas’ logo on it. By the looks of the graphic, the jersey will be a light shade of blue that came with the BY|U kits. See for example the graphic for the renewal announcement.


That is All the Info So Far

This press release is the only information we have about the new kit. Some other MLS teams have had their kit leaked or teased, However, the Union has been very quiet.

There hasn’t even been a release date yet but it obviously has to be soon. The season does start in about 3 and a half weeks.

However, the few people who have been allowed a sneak peek at the new kit have said that fans are going to love it.

Let’s hope the Union keeps the tradition of unique secondary kits going.

Can’t Wait? The MLS Season Pass is now available on Apple TV!

MLS launched its Season Pass on Apple TV today with hours of video content for all MLS teams! Check it out if you are looking for a way to pass some time until the Union kickoff their MLS season on February 25th!


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