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Believe it or not, we are one week away from the NBA Trade Deadline; this is new in terms of the NBA schedule as usual, it is after the All-Star game, but it has been switched to before. While the Sixers are regarded as one of the deepest rosters in the NBA, Daryl Morey and I are always looking for ways to improve this roster, so here are some players I believe Mr. Morey has on his radar as the trade deadline approaches. Via Twitter, there is a potential type of player the Sixers may be looking at, according to Jason Dumas. 

Let’s look at potential trade targets to fit this mold and help the Sixers win a championship.

  1. Eric Gordon (Houston Rockets) 
    • 12.5 points per game
    • 33.6 3pt%
    • He has a history of playing his best basketball with James Harden and can be a dynamic scorer/shooter to come off the bench.
  2. Thaddeus Young (Toronto Raptors)
    • 4.9ppg in 16 MPG
    • A versatile player can play the 4-5 on offense and guard 3-5 on defense. It gives the Sixers a veteran with plenty of playoff experience to give quality minutes in small-ball lineups, as Montrezz Harrel should never touch the floor in the playoffs.
  3. Jae Crowder (Phoenix Suns)
    • He has yet to play this season.
    • He is a versatile 3-D player that is a clear upgrade over Matisse Thybulle and Daniel House Jr. He is a Career 34.6% 3pt shooter and an excellent defender who will be rested from his holdout this season. It also gives the team more toughness on defense that they lucked in their 2022 playoff run.
  4. Mo Bamba (Orlando Magic)
    • Bamba seems to have fallen out of the rotation in Orlando, but he is an excellent rim protector with his 7 ’10 wingspan, and he is shooting the three-point shot at 39.6% this season. Once again, he would be a clear upgrade over Harrell and Reed, and the Sixers can continue to run the same defensive principles like drop coverage that they do with Embiid when Bamba is on the floor.
  5. Nerlens Noel (Detriot Pistons)
    • Another Sixer that could potentially be in for the reunion, Noel, is the perfect rim-running center/lob threat that can play alongside James Harden when Embiid goes to the bench. Once again, he is a clear defensive upgrade over Harrell and Reed. Noel wasn’t that long ago averaging 2.4 blocks a game in a Knicks uniform, and in limited minutes, Noel can make an impact.
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